Citizen of the World — Rob Gibb

Travel is a thrill. New landscapes, new cultures, and new takes on life. We live in a different city each month. We work and we roam with a cohort of adventurous professionals. We are citizens of the world. And so we’re introducing a new series of Q&As and essays from our community highlighting our experiences around the globe.

Day trip to Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

Our pilot post features one of our OG Roamers, Rob Gibb. I had a chance to catch up with him and hear about his experience. Take a read and get a feel for what life is like as a citizen of the world.

How did you hear about We Roam?

I knew I wanted to travel and work remotely. I’d been searching for a while. The options I had been exploring weren’t ideal for me. I didn’t want to travel with a big group and I didn’t want a party-travel experience. After exploring different possibilities, I stumbled upon We Roam. I liked that you could see the stories of the founders on the website. I wanted to be a part of the opening season for it. I got really good vibes from Nathan, so I decided to join on.

Did you already have a job that you could work remotely?

After finding We Roam, I asked my employer if I could work remotely. I’ve always been a loyal employee, I’ve proved my worth so it didn’t take too much convincing for them to get on board.
Since joining on, I’ve decided to go off on my own. I do contract work and marketing for tech startups, and I’m starting to build my own projects. I’m a creator and a project builder, so this career shift suits me quite well.

You’re six months into this journey with We Roam, tell me what the experience has been like for you.

Florianópolis, Brazil
I’m a big fan of the community. For me, the value add extends beyond We Roam sorting the logistics of airfare, apartments, and co-working spaces. It’s being a part of something bigger. Everyone in our cohort is professional. They work hard and have fun. It’s nice to get feedback on different projects we’re pursuing. We bounce around ideas, collaborate, and challenge one another. There’s no judgment within the We Roam community, just constructive and thoughtful feedback and critique. It’s nice.
We Roam set us up on Slack, which has been a great tool for gathering feedback and collaborating. We often talk in person, but with Slack we can connect digitally at all times.

Were you traveling before joining with We Roam?

I traveled in South America. I worked on a farm in Chile for a week picking walnuts. It was part of the WOOF program. I needed to get away from the grind, so I worked in a town called Casablanca at a Spanish farm. Then I traveled to Costa Rica for a week with a friend.

Did you ever consider going this year solo vs. traveling with We Roam?

I did, but I like the convenience of having a community from the beginning. It takes a long time to build friends and find your people, especially if you’re moving around frequently to different destinations. With We Roam, I had a built-in group from the start.
Co-working space in Bogotá

You’ve done the 9–5 desk job lifestyle. How would you compare that to working remotely?

I feel strongly that flexibility and creativity go hand in hand. I like to be able to work on different projects in different spaces. Some of my work is best done in an office setting and other work is better-accomplished working from home or a café.

You just announced some exciting news — you’re launching an online course to help people find remote jobs. Can you give me a bit of background on that?

It takes time to find a remote job. When I was first looking, there wasn’t a source I could go to for guidance in the process. I learned a lot along the way and I want to share that with other people who are just starting the process themselves. The course I’m launching is geared to help people find remote jobs, apply to them, and land them so they can align their work-style with their lifestyle.
I want others to have opportunities like I’ve had traveling with We Roam, but the barrier to entry for people to get a full-time remote job is too high. The course I’ve created will help change that.

If you’re looking for guidance in the process of working remotely, check out Rob’s 7-day course here.

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