Looking Back At March In Bogotá

Bogota March ’17 — Adios South America!

Bogotá, Colombia

If we’re talking March, it must be Bogotá: Delicious food, strong culture, plentiful side-trips and interesting guest speakers! Thanks to the help of the wonderful team at Atomhouse, Roamers were in-the-know on all the city’s hottest restaurants, the best quick trips to the Colombian countryside or other cities and what Colombian startups to keep an eye on this year.

AtomHouse Coworking

The food in Colombia was nothing short of absolutely incredible. Bogotá boasts a wide range of restaurants, markets and eateries. Warm chocolate croissants and sticky cinnamon buns made you think you were in a Parisian café rather than Masa, just 3-blocks from the workspace. The bustling Plaza de Mercado Paloquemao features vibrant and unique fruits that are unfamiliar but quickly became staple snacks. Vendors sell crates of maracuya, barrels of lula and bags of uchuva that end up in thoughtfully crafted cocktails at restaurant bars such as Minimal, Gordo and Abasto (to name a few favorites). One cannot talk about Colombia without mentioning coffee. Ahh the coffee. Amor Perfecto, arguably one of the best coffee shops in Colombia and a Roamer favorite, hosted us for a lesson on the in’s and out’s of coffee production and distribution in Colombia.

Many of the Roamers used this month as an opportunity to explore the other parts of Colombia. There was never a shortage of affordable getaways, whether you wanted mountain hikes, sunny beaches or monkey-filled jungles, Colombia has an incredible range of offerings. Roamer side-trips range from exploring the Amazon to swimming in the turquoise Caribbean in the North to stunning morning hikes in the picturesque town of Medellín.

Our guest speakers this month came from very diverse backgrounds, but shared the common experience of having had successful (and some unsuccessful!) business ventures in Colombia. We laughed at some of the ‘unique’ marketing tactics (floating a man 100m in the air with balloons) executed by Pedro Freire, who co-founded and sold Linio, an online marketplace, and most recently launched Mercadoni, Colombia’s quickly growing delivery app. Tom Loan told his story of the similarities and differences of transitioning from a tech incubator in London to one in Bogotá and Ricardo Velandia explained the challenges and red tape surrounding alcohol imports and shipping as he continues to work on introducing the popular Australian beer, Coopers, to Colombia!

New March Roamers & Off To Africa!

Rabat, Morocco

We continue to allow flexible start dates as well as trip lengths and had 4 amazing new Roamers join us in the month of March of the Polaris Tour. It is always exciting to have new Roamers join and we want to extend a very warm welcome to: Dasha and Sarah from NYC, Dawn from Portland, OR and Logan from Denver, CO!

We leave the mild weather behind and head to a new continent for the month of April… Africa! Rabat, Morocco has us very excited for warm and sunny days, a beautiful rooftop terrace to work from at our amazing coworking space, desert trips to the Sahara for camel rides and living in authentic Moroccan riads and apartments.

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