Month One — Roaming the World

Curiosity and a sense of wonder brought a cohort of strangers from around the world to Prague at the beginning of July. These strangers, AKA “Roamers” are remote working professionals who can set up shop and work from anywhere around the globe.

“We put alot of time and consideration into the Roamer interviewing process. Not only are we looking for adventurous digital nomads, but we want serious professionals who can bring diversity and a variety of skillsets to our group.” — Nathan, We Roam Founder
“I loved watching the group dynamic, this first month. Having everyone come together and really genuinely get along has been really cool to see.” — Billy, Orion Program Lead

We tapped our Roamers to find out what they enjoyed most about their first month with We Roam, and what they’re looking forward to in Berlin — the second stop on the 12 month, 12 country Orion Itinerary.

Best part of your first month in Prague with We Roam?

A resounding — “We’re lovin’ the We Roam crew!”
“Yeah, that’s an easy answer… hanging with the crew.” — James
“Finding a new family in a new place.” — Hillary
“Getting to know everyone and their quirky personalities.” — Deb
“Visiting all of the sites in Prague.” — Ashley
“The excursion and taking side trips in the rural Czech Republic countryside. It’s been an eye-opening, facinating, and incredible experience so far.” — Zach
Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
Ostrava, Czech Republic
“Going out to Ústí nab Laben to spend the day with the refugee families was a huge highlight for me.” — Betsy

Looking forward to most, next month in Berlin?

“More hanging with crew.” — James

“Completely uprooting and finding a new home in a new place.” — Hillary

“I’m excited to see the things I don’t know about. Getting lost in a new city.” — Zach

“Looking foward to seeing another new and interesting culture.” — Heather

“I’m interested in finding out what the Berlin grittiness is all about.” — Brad

“Learning about all the history with World War II will be really interesting.” — Max

“I am blown away by how well everyone gets along and what a great time we had during our first month together. Can’t wait for what’s to come!” — Katie, Orion Program Lead

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For more information on We Roam, check out our FAQ page.

If you’re interested in becoming a Roamer, submit an application here!

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