Why Not Travel The World?

By Krista Kathleen — Life Coach

I always wondered why I couldn’t be happy in my nursing career. Why couldn’t I enjoy the great pay, the flexible hours and the stellar benefits? I thought after five years that I would find something in this position that clicked for me but everything felt wrong all the time.

I saw so many other nurses who showed up on the hospital floor everyday doing their job and going through the motions. Why couldn’t I do the same?

Something deep inside me screamed that this was not my purpose or the life that was meant for me. My heart craved more. It craved choice, desire, adventure, flexibility, and helping people to improve within their lives. I wanted to stop putting other people’s needs first and to focus on my own goals.

I was not meant for clocking in and out of a hospital floor Monday through Friday, wearing scrubs and cleaning up bodily fluids.

One day I didn’t have to wonder anymore because my new life abruptly found me. I was fired for the first time for a mistake I made during my stressful shift. On top of that my husband and I just started filing divorce paperwork after a long and miserable marriage.

I wanted an answer from the Universe and I got one. That life that was not meant for me. I was living for everyone else at the end of the day. Everyone except myself.

Sitting in the bathtub crying my eyes out that night, I realized I needed to start over. Where does one begin at 30 years old? I should be married with kids, thriving off a stable career, and living in a house with a white picket fence by now I thought.

After doing some heavy praying, I hired a life coach and asked for guidance towards creating an online coaching business so I could do what I love while traveling the world.

I didn’t own a home or a car anymore and I didn’t have kids. There was no one that I was responsible for except for myself. So why wouldn’t I go travel and work around the globe?

Using my life coach as a sounding board, I anxiously sold everything I owned, let my ex-husband buy me out of our house in Seattle, and flew down to Costa Rica for a yoga retreat not knowing when I would return to the United States.

My friends and family thought I was crazy. I didn’t know how to explain to them that this is what I needed at the time even if it didn’t seem “responsible” or make much sense to them.

Why not live in Asia for two months and ride elephants? Why not go to Bali and climb a volcano at 4am? Why not go to Cambodia for the weekend and eat fried bugs and tarantulas? Why not fly to Nepal and trek in the world’s tallest mountains? Why not hang out with kangaroos on the pristine white beaches in Australia? Why not watch a sunrise from a blue and white cave home in Greece?

After having all of these exotic experiences for a year on my own, WYCO found me through a recommendation from a crossfit friend in Belgrade, Serbia. When I heard about the opportunity to continue traveling with a community of like minded people throughout South America for six months it was an automatic HELL YES on my part.

That’s where I am now. Sitting at a coworking desk, next to other members in my program, in sunny Santiago, Chile working on my successful life coaching business that I started in the past year of living abroad.

So WHY NOT let ourselves find that dream job while nurturing our adventurous spirit alongside other people who crave the same for themselves?

It’s time to stop living for everyone else and create a life that is full of choice and desire!

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