Creator Picks: 💘 Valentine’s Day 💘

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, we’ve decided to round up a list of Creator finds that could be the perfect gift for your special someone. Rather than an ordinary box of chocolates or simple bouquet of roses (which is in no way a bad choice), we think it’s thoughtful and memorable to choose something one of a kind or handmade by a unique artist. 😉

Let’s not waste any time…here’s the rundown!

Wallflower Design

Wallflower Design, a new addition to our map, was founded in 2014 by Eleanor Gerber-Siff. Eleanor is a Bay Area Native, and developed and managed the floral department at Bi-Rite Market prior to launching Wallflower Design. Floral arrangements have distinguishably unique depending on the designer and his/her sources. Floral designs can bring an air of the tropics, of elegance, of autumn, of lust, of celebration, as the finishing touch to any space. Wallflower Design in particular reminds me of a Renaissance painting — beautifully composed, rich and heavy colors that balance each other perfectly.

Settle Ceramics

One thing that everyone can appreciate is quality ceramic ware as a vessel to compliment their favorite dishes. Crafted by Samantha Heligman, an Austin artist working in clay for 10 years, each piece is hand thrown and glazed with care. Other than the darling pink Mica vases shown above (psssst, Valentine’s Sale❤), you can find speckled dishes, incense burners, and cappuccino mugs on her site.

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Sara Banner

There’s always a spot in your home that could use a good ol’ macrame, right? Let’s get cozy, people. Forest Fern was birthed by Sara in 2016 at her home where she works and thrives with her husband and two young children. Sara takes custom orders and loves to experiment with new materials and techniques through collaborations!

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Fox Fodder Farm

No surprise that we’re ending the thread with good old fashioned flowers. This tropical bouquet however is not so old fashioned and still very special. Fox Foddler Farm claims to have an assortment of interesting flowers from all over the world. 🌺🌎🌺 Discover the stores and restaurants that carry FFF’s arrangements on our map!

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Originally published at The Wescover Blog.