Kenneth Cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue

Cebu City, Philippines

“Making things by hand humanizes all of us and reminds us of the splendor of the human spirit.”

“I like working with natural materials because they are sustainable, and they provide texture, warmth, and strength to my designs. I love rattan because it’s versatile, light, and sturdy in the right hands.”

“What inspires me the most is the drive to do even better in my craft and to continually preserve the heritage of craftsmanship in our region.”

“A space is special when it feels likes home.”

“I love it when I see people relive their childhood through my designs. When they sit unexpectedly on rattan poles and sink in, when they rest on a chair made to look like noodles or when they stare wide-eyed at a gigantic flower in the living room; this sense of bewilderment and enchantment is what I love. For a moment we share a language that transcends time and space, this sense of joy that design can bring.”

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