Why Art Deco Revival is the Luxe Interior Design Trend of 2019

Sep 21, 2018 · 3 min read

Move over, mid-century modern. Art Deco Revival is quickly becoming one of our favorite design trends for 2019! Actually, it’s a combination of the new aesthetic and Scandinavian concepts that make the look oh so luxe…

Whether you’re doing a full re-design or want to bring just a hint of this style into your space, look for playful forms, optimistic colors, and geometric lines. Pieces created from natural materials elevates the style and add a hint of mid-century design thinking too. As always, a heritage-level of craftsmanship is worth investing in! We’re excited to discover so many unique elements bridging the decades from modern interior essentials to old Hollywood glamour.

Here are a few of our favorites:

These light Laiá Bar Stools

by Gustavo Bittencourt, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Laiá Bar Stools
Laiá Bar Stools

See More by Gustavo >

The velvet & leather in Domaine Chandon

Restaurant in Coldstream, VIC

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This Versatile Buena Desk & Shelf

by Camino, Garden Grove, CA

Buena Desk By Camino, Garden Grove, CA
Buena Desk By Camino, Garden Grove, CA

See More by Camino >

These Dragonfly Sconces in Villon

Restaurant in San Francisco, CA

Villon San Francisco, CA
Villon San Francisco, CA

See More by Edition Modern >

Overflowing Urns by Wallflower Design

in Foreign Cinema and the Overlook Lounge, CA

Did we miss your favorite Deco design? Send it to us at social@wescover.com

Originally published at Wescover Blog.



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