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Planning In Fog

Thinking Strategically In a Complex Environment

Art by Kevin Townsend.

Our current strategic plans are too static, too linear, we need to be able to be more flexible when things change.

Art by Kevin Townsend.

3 basic types of systems

How does this help us make better decisions and be more strategic?

How can we learn to notice patterns, over and over, rather than identifying 1 pattern and assuming it will continue forever?

How can we be more strategic in a complex domain?

Your success is your north star — it leaves enough room to take multiple possible paths, and allow for navigating the unexpected.

Go forth and practice!

I’ve found the way out usually involves taking a deep breath and practicing tolerance of uncertainty.



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Fiona Wright

Fascinated by complex challenges. Global sustainability in particular. Strategist and Facilitator @systemslens with The Lansdowne Group.