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Reinventing the Way Humans Learn

Our Story, Our Plan

Image by Abdullah Öğük on Unsplash.

I had never realized that one could be an education professional and not work in a school, but rather on a school.

Creating e-180.com, now known as Braindate

E-180 v1
We used cinemagraphs back then!

Events: The Magical Place Where Humans Learn New Things and Meet New People

E-180 at C2 Montréal
E-180 platform at C2 Montréal for the first time.

What we bring is the possibility for event participants to be intentional about what they will learn, and from whom.

Bringing Braindates to Millions

Allow any community leader, in schools or civil society, to create their own braindate events on any given day, to generate knowledge-sharing around the theme of their choice.

Braindating at school in Dubaï.



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Christine Renaud

Co-founder and CEO of @e180 — Braindates for learning humans. The Learning Revolution will be self-directed, collaborative and experiential. #socent