Does Decenternet’s Team Have What It Takes To Successfully Take On Net Neutrality and Decentralize the Internet?

Ivy Riane
Ivy Riane
Jul 26, 2018 · 5 min read

I have worked in business strategy and operations for almost 16 years now so I always look to evaluate the management team of a company before choosing whether or not to invest with them.

A strong management team is able to pivot quickly if problems arise and instill confidence in customers and investors. A poor management team causes employees to not feel fulfilled in their jobs and project deadlines could be missed or budgets overestimated if projects are not monitored carefully by good managers.

The management team is what makes a business! You could have the best business idea and business model in the world but, without a good team you are much more likely to fail.

It’s just instinct now for me to navigate to the management team and evaluate their experience, education, and goals for the company. So, when I first came across Decenternet, I evaluated their business model and company goals, then navigated to their management team page to check things out.

What is Decenternet?

I wrote a post on Decenternet that I would encourage you to read first here.

And a post on their proposed blockchain-based operating system, Anuvys, which you can read here.

Looking at the Team

Sean Kim, CEO

Sean Kim, CEO

Sean Kim is a visionary and serial entrepreneur that has been part of the crypto scene in South Korea almost since the beginning of the movement. He is a figurehead in the crypto community that created and mining applications for individual computer cafes.

What I find interesting about him is that he is mentally centered and enlightened with an eye towards manifesting greatness through mental mastery. The best innovators in this world are mentally and emotionally strong with an eye on advancing humanity through their work.

What do I think of Sean Kim?

I think he knows exactly where he is going in life and has a roadmap to get there. He stands strong in his convictions and can communicate his ideals to an audience in terms that anyone can understand. I believe that his leadership is established enough where he can rally a team behind his cause and convey product potential to customers.

Shin Gutana, Chief Technology Officer

Shin Gutana, Chief Technology Officer

3 Decades (30+ years) experience in ICT & ICT/Digital in industries across the world ranging from IT, Automotive, Real Estate, Financial Tech, Retail, Aviation, and Military speak volumes for this tech professional with an eye towards creating value for users. Extensive expertise in the blockchain, software, and Bitcoin with an impressive higher education background.

I would say that he brings more than enough experience to the table to be able to add a key component to this management team. Having experience isn’t everything but the varied approach of working in so many industries during his career should provide incredible insight from a different perspective than if he had niched himself in his career.

Alex Kim, Chief Financial Officer

Alex Kim, Chief Financial Officer

Veteran entrepreneur with a 15 year history of successful projects for large corporations like L’Oreal, Sony, and Burberry. He leans toward risk management and strategic planning as a discipline.

With a track like this one, I would be fairly confident in his ability to be a leader in this team. His bio on the Decenternet website doesn’t give much information on his financial ability or expertise or his educational background so I would ask for more information on that before making a concrete determination.

Aki Ryu, Chief Marketing Officer

Aki Ryu, Chief Marketing Officer

A think tank analyst that operates with precision and accuracy in daily life while focusing on the path of humanity after evaluating current events looking ahead to the future. He has been a leader and educator in the South Korean crypto space for years and has extensive experience in investments. Current duties for Decenternet include “prediction, analysis, communication, and proliferation of Dnet technology.”

His experience sounds impressive but I’m not sure if this qualifies him as a marketing executive. I would be interested in reading more about his experience in marketing before making a concrete analysis of his abilities to operate as this company’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Overall Team Evaluation

There are extensive profiles that have been created on the Decenternet website for each major player of this team that are very well written. The CEO and CTO seem well suited for their positions based upon the profiles but I question whether or not the CMO and CFO have adequate experience in their assigned field to be of the best use to the company.

Both men have impressive resumes and life experience but are they the best fit for the position that they’ve been assigned?

The jury is still out on this for me.

Some startups build impressive teams but may have to shift people around into positions that better fit their skills. That may be what needs to happen here as time goes on. These men should stay on the team but maybe not in these positions.

The leadership of a company can make or break the entire company, as we have seen over and over again in the history of business. Strong leaders have developed hard hitting, innovative teams and changed the world. Poor leaders have destroyed companies and employee morale in the process.


Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor so do your own research before making any financial decisions. This post is for educational purposes only.

I appreciate that you took the time to read this post and would love to hear your thoughts!

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Check out ANUVYS website:

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Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Ivy Riane

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Ivy Riane

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