Trump Issues Executive Response to UnderAcademy College

Following a Wednesday night press conference with representatives from UnderAcademy College, the Trump administration issued an executive action claiming “fake news” as a term that only the administrative branch can define. 
During the Wednesday night press conference the provisional provost of UnderAcademy, which is running a course on fake news, made the following prepared statement:

I am here to tell you that UnderAcademy’s support for fake news will continue; that we believe fake news serves a vital function in our current culture; is a valid form of communication and must not be confused with mainstream media channels such as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, what have you.
The current administration has made multiple attempts to delegitimize fake news by connecting it with real news. Fake news journullists will not tolerate the confusion of journihilism with journalism. Any claims that CNN is fake news denigrates fake news as much as it does real news. It is dishonest and unfair. Furthermore; these comments demonstrate a lack of understanding as to the values and ethics that determine both, and a misunderstanding of terminology. FAKE MEANS FAKE!!!
The continued use of “alternative facts” as a method of validating, and invalidating communications by politicians and their spokesperson infringes on the domain of true fake news journullists. True fake news, real fake news is, in essence, is of course not apolitical; but, it isn’t political either. It is apathetical.
Indeed, it is disingenuous to burden fake news with the fact of post-truth culture, to build a wall around fake news, to limit its potential as satire or conspiracy theory.
We already understand that we live in a volatile post-truth world, in which fiction can be promoted as fact; in which fact can be dismissed as fiction. The role of fake news, or real fake news is to examine the margins, to play at the differences between the mainstream and the maelstrom. Journihilism will persevere.
We will make fake news fake again!

What set off the administration, it seems, was the claim that UnderAcademy would “make fake news fake again” and the challenge to the administration’s claim that legitimate news channels such as CNN and MSNBC were fake news.

The trigger-happy administration was extremely quick to respond issuing the executive action at 7:30 AM Thursday morning, and spinning “alternative facts”, oddly enough on MSNBC, related to Kellyanne Conway’s imaginary “Bowling Green Massacre.” Thursday evening.

Though an UnderAcademy representative has not responded to requests for an interview, an outgoing voice message states, “UnderAcademy College remains committed to the reclamation of legitimate fake news. We will not abide its use for direct political blacklisting or publicly funded authoritarian propaganda. We will make fake news fake again.”

Video from the UnderAcademy Press Conference:

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