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How to Participate in the Goldilock Bounty Program

The latest project to launch on WeStart is being hailed by Entrepreneur as one of the “Top 15 Token Sales to Watch” and by Forbes as a “Top 10 Blockchain Companies of 2018”.

Goldlilock, a remote crypto key custody and digital asset security suite, is hosting their exclusive bounty program on WeStart. Everyone who participates in the bounty program gets a percentage of tokens from the overall percentage their referrals contribute. The more participants you refer, the larger your LOCK token bonus is!

Keep reading to learn more about Goldilock and how to join the bounty program.

What is Goldilock?

Goldilock recently launched their white paper, which details their incredible patent-pending remote automated airgap security (RAAS) architecture for cryptocurrency custody and storage of sensitive digital assets, which are toggled on/offline by users via a non-IP trigger.

Why does this matter? Goldlilock believes that your data should not be physically connected to the internet when you’re not using it, but also must be immediately accessible from anywhere when you need it.

Goldilock Security Suite’s patent-pending technology has been hailed by crypto exchanges, banks, credit agencies, healthcare companies, digital rights management groups, and independent crypto holders and is being developed for both consumers and enterprises.

Their team has decades of combined entrepreneurial experience in financial services, emerging technology and marketing, with a consistent focus on innovation. They also have some incredible advisors and partners including Iron Mountain, BitScope, Nakamoto, and more.

LOCK Token functions as both a gateway and auditing mechanism. When the user is granted access using LOCK verification functionality, the node will write audit information to our own Private Audit Blockchain. These audit entries will ensure that every time your private key is brought online, this access is written to immutable storage that can be queried and viewed from the Goldilock Wallet.

LOCK token allows Goldilock to provide users with a ledger of their node activity, while keeping user-owned data encrypted and locked away from everyone including the Goldilock team.

To learn more about Goldilock’s technology and LOCK tokens, you can read their white paper here.

What is the Goldilock Bounty Program

Bounty Programs are different than other token events like airdrops or ICOs.

Generating free tokens from the Goldilock bounty program is all about referring real participants to their future token sale. By sharing your link with your friends, family, and community and generating real sign ups who go on to participate in the Goldilock token sale, you’ll earn a percentage of free LOCK tokens based on how much your referrals contribute to the token sale.

The more your referrals purchase in the Goldilock sale, the more LOCK tokens you earn. There’s no limit on the number of friends you can refer.

How does the Goldilock Bounty Program Work?

The first step in joining the Goldilock bounty program is to sign up for a WeStart account and activate it by confirming via email.

Once you’ve confirmed your WeStart account, you’ll need to join the Goldilock Telegram channel. Then, click the “Participate in Bounty button on the Goldilock WeStart page where you’ll be asked for your Telegram username.

You will also be asked for your NEO wallet address. This is the only type of wallet you can use to participate in the Goldilock bounty program. If you do not have a NEO wallet, you can create one here.

You’re not finished quite yet — you still need to complete your Tier 2 KYC verification on WeStart. To complete Tier 2 verification, a user must submit the following information:

  1. Birthdate
  2. Nationality
  3. Government issued ID (passport preferred) and the identification number
  4. Self with ID and WeStart paper

After you’ve completed your KYC verification, it’s time to start sharing your referral link with your network! Make sure they know how the bounty program works and that they’ll be real participants in the Goldilock token sale — because you earn a percentage of purchases made through your referral link so the bigger the participant, the more you earn!

Please note, the Goldilock bounty program is restricted in both America and China and is only open to the first 5,000 participants.

Join the Goldilock Bounty Program Today

The more contributors you invite to our exclusive bounty program, the more LOCK tokens you’ll receive. Goldilock is being hailed as one of the top cryptocurrency projects in 2018, and the bounty program is a great way for token enthusiasts to get the word out while generating free tokens for themselves.

Learn more about Goldilock and join the bounty program today hosted exclusively on WeStart.

If you have any questions about the Goldilock bounty program or WeStart, please contact us at support@westart.co



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