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The Top 5 Exhibitions to Visit This Summer

It’s going to be a party…

Summer in the city — an overwhelming thought for everyone who fears to spend the hottest days of the year between overcrowded swimming pools and the blistering asphalt of London’s streets. Give yourself a break from midsummer’s relentless sun and seek shelter in the coolness of the city’s most exciting art exhibitions.

Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains
Roaring into summer, the Victoria and Albert Museum doesn’t add just another brick to the wall, but lunges out to present a sensational journey through the 50 years since the band’s first album release. Gallery says: “The exhibition is an audio-visual journey through 50 years of one of the world’s most iconic rock groups, and a rare and exclusive glimpse into the world of Pink Floyd.” Following the most recent exhibition “You Say You Want A Revolution?”, curator Victoria Broackes’ imagination will be your getaway and will, yet, if only, let you travel back in time. A unique one-way-ticket ticket you don’t want to miss!

Admission £20 (Monday — Friday), £24 (Saturday — Sunday), concessions available | Buy Tickets Here

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Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion
For any fashion-enthusiast the Victoria and Albert museum houses another matchless exhibition. Shaping the fashion world like none other, the creations of Cristobál Balenciaga will be a delight, less for the ears, but for the eyes. Collaborating with X-ray artist Nick Veasey and London College of Fashion students, the fashion board of the V&A adds a never-seen before dimension to Balenciaga’s historic fashion. A must-see for anyone who wants to join the conversation next fashion month

Admisson £12 (Monday — Sunday) | Buy Tickets Here

Cartier in Motion
This summer, the Design Museum, supervised by Lord Norman Foster, explores the most precious good we have: time. Not in a philosophic but in its materialistic beauty. After, all thinking about the countless components it takes to put a watch together, the beauty lies in the detail, must be a watchmaker’s motto. Cartier in Motion tells the story of the original wrist watch and how it became what it is today: classic and timeless. Ironic, non?

Admission free.

Breathing Colour by Hella Jongerius
Before leaving the Design Museum, dive into the world of performance artist Hella Jongerius. Dip to into the world of colours, while everything is bathing in the light of the sun at its zenith. Exploring how pigments shape our life, “Breathing colour” questions our perception and everything we know about this natural phenomenon. Based on longstanding research, this exhibition will be an extraordinary and vibrant experience. This exhibition is ticketed. Admissions soon to be released.

This exhibition is ticketed. Admissions soon to be released.

Every Object Tells a Story
Every artist has a vision and “Every Object Tells a Story”. Oliver Hoare has gathered over 400 artefacts from over five millennia, and each of them has their own story to tell. His cabinet of curiosities will leave you wondering, astonished and ensnared, but not dissatisfied. Let the oddest story divert your thoughts from the sizzling sky and create and your own midnight summer dream.

Admission Free

See a short video about “Every Object Tells A Story” below.

By Henrik Lischke — Password: news

By Henrik Lischke

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