Restaurant Ours — Image By Lizzi Hayes

West London’s Most Instagrammable Loos

Taking a trip to the ladies’ room will never be the same!

We all know Sketch. And we all know you can’t visit Sketch without an obligatory mirror selfie in the world-famous bathroom filled with egg-shaped pod bathroom stalls and covered by a ceiling of rainbow-tinted glass tiles. With every nook and cranny decorated to a tee, just the bathroom is probably one of the most Instagrammed places in all of London.

Since the rise of Instagram, commercial interior design has never been the same. Designers are under more pressure than ever to create a space picturesque enough for your feed, for restaurants, especially. Not only does the food need to taste good, but photograph well. Not only does the dining room need to look good, but every part, down to the nitty gritty toilets.

Sally Ann McCoy, the interior designer responsible for number one on our list, always takes ‘Instagrammability’ into account when designing commercial interiors. “Everyone loves Instagram — it’s the biggest promotional thing for a company,” she says.

Westdayze has put together a list of five of the most Instagram-worthy restaurant bathrooms in West London, suitable for mirror selfies and design enthusiasts alike, or simply just for eye candy while you freshen up.

Restaurant Ours — Knightsbridge | Images From The Headbox

1.Restaurant Ours, 264 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge

This retro-chic restaurant serving European dining and state-of-the-art cocktails is glamorous and understated. But the restaurant serves up something a little more fun in the Beverly Hills hotel-esque bathroom covered in palm tree wallpaper and complementary baby pink tiles that were the starting point of the room’s design.

“That bathroom was designed in about 10 minutes. It was me with a girlfriend, Camilla Bich, we consulted the design together, and did it in just about 10 minutes. We just went, ‘Yes, that’s it! Lovely.’ You know when things sometimes just click? That clicked,” says McCoy.

The two designers started with the pink tiles then built quickly from there. “There was no inspiration behind it, I just wanted to make it look girly. I wanted to also stop it from being too girly by putting the garden taps in there, so it’s slightly industrial, which is a bit of a nod to the building,” McCoy adds.

Wash your hands in one of the gold-toned sinks then pull your phone out for a quick pic in one of the large circular mirrors that reflect the jungle around you. This bathroom is almost enough to make you feel like you’ve teleported to Los Angeles.

Restaurant Ours — Image From The Work And Play

2.Rabbit, 172 King’s Road, Chelsea

Sophisticated sustainability is the best way to describe Rabbit, a restaurant where the meals and wines are all sourced from a family farm in Sussex. A sense of rustic chic runs through the entire interior of the restaurant, all the way to the ladies’ room, where wallpaper of a dream childhood bedroom adorns the walls.

Make sure to wear your best gingham because the wallpaper by Katie Bourne Interiors, covered in simple black and white illustrations of tractors, trees, and animals, is the perfect backdrop to compliment this summer’s biggest print.

Rabbit — Chelsea | Images By Lizzie Hayes and From Restaurant Bar and Design

3.Le Gavroche, 43 Upper Brook Street, Marble Arch

This year is French restaurant Le Gavroche’s 50th anniversary, and while the design of the restaurant has not changed since it opened 50 years ago, the loos are anything but dated.

“What they’ve done over the last 50 years is they’ve kept the classic styling but they’ve replaced the lights and they’ve reupholstered chairs and put new carpets in, but it’s exactly the same as it was before,” says PR manager Shelley Sofier.

Le Gavroche’s bathroom is where Rococo meets contemporary. Francofiles will drool, maybe over the food, but definitely over the array of antique hand mirrors arranged on the white marble walls and the over-the-top gold-framed mirrors French royalty was infamous for pre-French Revolution. Crisp white walls and parquet-tiled floors balance out the drama of the wall hangings to make for a very aesthetically pleasing Instagram.

Le Gavroche — Marble Arch | Images From B3 Interiors and By Lizzie Hayes
Le Gavroche — Marble Arch | Image From B3 Interiors

4. Mari Vanna, 116 Knightsbridge

This Russian gem is enchanting throughout, but the toilet is on another level of interior genius. Indulge your senses as Russian folk music plays, surrounding the stalls, and let your eyes feast on the blue and white floral-printed wallpaper, tiles, and sinks, topped off by white and gold antique mirrors fit for Russian princess Anastasia.

An Instagram in this bathroom from any angle will have your followers changing their weekend dinner reservations.

Mari Vanna — Knightsbridge | Image From The Financial Times
Mari Vanna — Images By Lizzi Hayes and From Mari Vanna Online

5. Gaucho, 89 Sloane Avenue, Chelsea

Gaucho, the lavish Argentinian restaurant, is best known for its fine meats and cowhide walls. While the walls are a popular selfie background for Instagrammers, head to the loo for a more original photo-op.

On a mirrored wall is a hidden mirrored door that leads to the dark luxurious bathroom. This is the most modern loo on the list, but let that not be confused with boring. Jade green sinks atop marble counters as white as the fresh orchids in the room.

Since Gaucho is the type of place to wear your best outfit to, two large long mirrors hang on either side, ready to capture your entire ensemble from head-to-toe.

And wear your best shoes because glitter. floors.

Gaucho — Chelsea | Images By Lizzie Hayes

By Lizzie Hayes

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