Damp & Dreary Tonight, Heavy Rain Early Friday South, Rainy Through Friday

Good evening, everyone! Tonight expect cloudy skies with light rain or drizzle for much of the area. Winds along the coastline will be gusty at times, and expect minor coastal flooding at high tide.

Early Friday morning, heavy rain will push into the area from the south. Upwards of an inch of rain may fall across southern areas over a relatively short period of time. This area is outlined in green on the map below. Some localized flooding issues, mainly in urban and poor drainage areas, are possible. Downpours will also make it difficult to drive, especially around 5 AM Friday. Low temperatures tonight will range from 44 to 49 degrees.

Updated 5:50 PM Thu 5/25/17

Heavy rain will push north Friday morning, gradually lessening in intensity as it does so. Much of the area will see showers and drizzle throughout the day, and high temperatures won’t move much from their overnight lows. High temperatures will range from 46 to 54 degrees.

In total, 1–2 inches of rain is expected across the region, with highest totals in green on the map above, as well as flood potential early Friday morning in downpours. The mountains may end up with only around 1/2 inch of rain from this event.

Conditions will gradually improve Saturday and Sunday. At this point, the jury is still out on memorial day, however models currently indicate clouds with at least some precipitation around, and cool temperatures.

Have a great evening!

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