Dreary and Chilly Thursday and Friday

Good evening, everyone! Tonight expect showers and thunderstorms to initially fizzle out, before more showers are possible west near dawn on Thursday. Clouds will increase overnight. Low temperatures will range from 54 to 63 degrees.

Thursday will be cloudy with light rain/drizzle for much of the area. High temperatures will range from 61 to 70 degrees, but will be achieved during the morning hours. As rain increases in coverage and intensity, temperatures will fall back into the upper 50s to lower 60s for much of the area.

Rain and showers will push southwest some Thursday night, with drier conditions the further north and east you go. Skies may even clear across northern Somerset county. Low temperatures will range from 51 to 60 degrees.

Friday expect it to remain mostly cloudy, though some sunny breaks are possible. Showers or occasional light drizzle will remain across the area. A rumble of thunder cannot be ruled out. High temperatures will be a tad bit warmer than Thursday, though still below normal, ranging from 62 to 71 degrees. Temperatures may fall some in the afternoon, and will be lowest across western areas, where showers/drizzle will be most widespread.

Have a great evening!

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