Partly Sunny & Pleasant Saturday, Dreary Sunday and Monday

Good evening, everyone! Tonight expect partly clear and dry conditions. Lows will range from 35 to 44 degrees.

Saturday expect partly sunny conditions with just an isolated shower possible in the afternoon. High temperatures will range from 59 to 68 degrees.

Saturday night clouds will increase from the southwest, with light rain/drizzle gradually pushing into western zones by morning Sunday. Lows will range from 41 to 46 degrees.

Sunday expect rain, with some heavy rain at times possible especially for southeastern zones during the afternoon. High temperatures will range from 44 to 50 degrees.

Sunday night the heaviest rain should push northeast of the area, but light rain/drizzle will remain across the region. Low temperatures will range from 36 to 45 degrees.

Monday expect steady light rain to continue during the morning hours, with the steadiest precipitation fading to showers/drizzle in the afternoon. High temperatures will range from 40 to 54 degrees.

Overall Saturday night through Sunday .5–1.5 inches of rain is expected for the entire region, with localized amounts near 2 inches possible across areas east of Augusta. This may cause some isolated urban flooding issues at times, but many rivers should remain under control. Should this forecast change I’ll update.

Brighter and warmer conditions look to return Tuesday, with generally warmer conditions possibly continuing through the end of next week. Have a great evening!

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