Quiet Week Ahead, Some Wintry Precipitation Tuesday Night

Good evening, everyone! Tonight temperatures will fall below freezing, so expect some black ice where melting occurred today. A snow shower is possible, especially north. Low temperatures will range from 22 to 31 degrees.

Monday temperatures will be colder, but not really that cold all things considered. It’ll be mostly sunny, with a snow shower possible in the mountains early. Highs will range from 29 to 41 degrees. Winds will make it feel way colder than today.

Monday night skies will be mostly clear and it’ll be dry. Low temperatures will be sharply colder than we’ve experienced in the past few days, ranging from -1 to 8 degrees.

Tuesday will start off mostly sunny, with high clouds increasing during the afternoon hours, but not totally blocking out the sun until right around sunset. It’ll remain mostly dry. Highs will range from 29 to 38 degrees.

Tuesday night is about the only interesting weather at all this week. Temperatures initially appear to drop off into the twenties at the surface, while they rise in the upper levels of the atmosphere. Combine this with a little light precipitation and we’ll likely see a mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain. It won’t be a heavy mix, and will be very low impact. Precipitation will likely start off as snow and sleet, changing over to sleet then a very, very brief period of freezing rain. By 7 AM Wednesday many across the south will be above freezing. No snow or sleet accumulation is expected south, with up to an inch of snow/sleet possible north. Ice accretion of a trace is possible north. Low temperatures will occur early, ranging from 24 to 33 degrees.

Wednesday warmth returns with showers moving offshore across southern areas by 1 PM and the sun popping out during the afternoon. Highs will range from 43 to 52 degrees.

Wednesday night clouds are possible across northern areas, but most of the region will be dry and mostly clear. Lows will range from 22 to 31 degrees.

Thursday will start with mostly sunny skies, though times of clouds and sun are likely during the afternoon especially west. It’ll be very warm, with highs ranging from 47 to 56 degrees. Showers will move into northern areas during the afternoon. An isolated shower is possible south. Expect the potential for a rumble of thunder north during the afternoon.

Thursday night clouds are likely northeast but southwest will likely remain partially to mostly clear. Showers will clear out of northern areas during the evening, though some snow showers may remain through early Friday morning. Lows will range from 28 to 37 degrees.

Friday will feature times of clouds and sun, with clouds likely increasing across southwestern areas during the afternoon. Scattered showers are likely during the afternoon, especially southwest. Some showers may contain small hail, or a rumble of thunder. Highs will range from 39 to 48 degrees.

Friday night clouds will increase across the entire area, with showers likely continuing. Lows will range from 33 to 42 degrees. Northern sections will have to be watched for a potential freezing rain threat, but it looks unlikely at this point.

Lots of snow melt will go on this week, with the potential for falling snow off of roofs and other structures increasing as time passes. In addition, there’s potential for minor river flooding depending on how much snow melts at one time. The two days most vulnerable to flooding appear to be Wednesday and Thursday at this point.

Have a great evening!

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