Significant Snow Continues Into Thursday

Good evening, everyone! Expect snow to continue tonight, with heavy snow possible at times across southwestern areas. Any coastal sections seeing rain at the moment appear to go over to snow by 9 PM. Southern York county may take until 11 PM or so to go over to snow.

Snow will be heavy tonight for some, especially near the coast and across western sections. A bullseye of up to 14 inches of snow (possibly locally higher) is likely over interior western sections. Amounts gradually decrease as you head north and east, with interior eastern sections likely to miss out on the heavier snow bands and get a light to moderate snow.

Snow will end by 9 AM Thursday for most, with snow showers gone by noon. Lows tonight will range from 15 to 27 degrees.

Updated 6:20 PM Wed 2/15/17

Expected snowfall hasn’t changed much, with 11–14 inches expected for areas most affected by the trough of low pressure. 8–11 inches is expected for a brief distance as you move north and east away from the main area of precipitation, with amounts gradually decreasing as you head north and east. Interior eastern sections will miss out on heaviest snow, while northeastern sections miss out altogether.

Thursday looks to feature mostly cloudy conditions with snow showers possible. Sun will break out late across southern sections.

Have a great evening, and leave extra time for your commute tomorrow morning. I’ll be back Thursday evening with an update on the forecast for the weekend.