Syrian Family & Our Team at a Park

Thanks to everyone who continues to follow and share the story of this awesome family. Our last post has reached more then 6,000 people on Facebook alone! Woohoo!!

On Thursday evening we had a meet and greet with our team and the family at a local park. Right when we got there, the kids found other Arabic speaking kids! Following this, they realized that they too were Syrian refugees and exchanged numbers and contact information.

We noticed quite a difference in the demeanour of the Mom and Dad following this. I think they’ve started to realize how big the local community is around them!

When we were walking back to their apartment they expressed their gratitude several times and stopped to takes pictures with us! We stopped and picked leaves off trees and tried to identify them (they really like the Maple leaf!)

It was yet another fabulous experience!

They continue to work hard learning about Canadian living. We’ve signed them up for ESL classes which will start in July for both Mom and Dad!