Third Week with the Syrian Family

This week some members of the Syrian family made it to the dentist, the doctor’s office and to Shamrose! We were also able to secure a cell phone for them (thanks Brooklyn!), go clothes shopping, and register them for their English classes! We are trying to do as many of these trips by bus and even did a morning on the bus to the places that they will need to get to themselves.

This weekend we are making another trip to the bank, and also a visit to Victoria Park to experience the Multicultural Festival.

I think we might be tiring them out a bit, especially considering they are participating in Ramadan, but they always greet us with a huge smile on their face and always welcome us into their home!

Mom and Dad start school in less then two weeks and we want them to know their surroundings and feel comfortable with the city around them! I think we are doing a great job with this!

Good work team! Look at everything we have accomplished together with this wonderful family!

Here’s a few other pictures from this weeks activities…

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