RE:framing, Week 1

Can you remember your first week downtown? Where did you sit? Who did you bond with right away? What terrified you? What delighted you?

This week our spring students will start the journey into themselves. They will start answering their first portfolio questions. They will write their first executive summaries. They will start to stumble through the process of figuring out who they are so they are empowered to understand what they can do.

These newsletters invite you to come along with us. As the spring students embark on new insights and discoveries, we ask you to revisit your own insights and discoveries. Through glimpses into the readings, assignments, skills, and values emphasized each week, you will experience touchstones of your growth downtown. But this isn’t for nostalgia’s sake. It’s to help you transition and reenter into a world that doesn’t see everyone as creative or as a changemaker. It’s to build your confidence and remind you that you are not alone. It’s an invitation to continue the “work of the soul” that many of you experienced when you were downtown.

Every week you can expect opportunities to reflect through questions, quotes or poems, and prompts. There will also be chances to refresh the skills you learned and sharpen your tools. And for bonus points look for the “extra credit” challenge where you can apply, apply, apply.

Weekly Questions

  1. What does your posture look like this week? How are you carrying yourself? Do you find yourself working with, working for, being with, or being for in your jobs, classes, and communities?
  2. For those of you from Fall 2016, think back to the mantra you made in your cohort. Will that come in useful for this spring? Do you need another mantra that applies more directly to your current campus or work context?

Words for Reflection

I contain multitudes.

-Walt Whitman

Extra Credit

Remember the dinner challenge? What can you do this week to test your reliance on social rules? How can you subvert what is expected in meaningful ways? What part of your life most needs to be challenged in this way? Don’t forget that it helps to subvert norms with others (three cheers for collaborative learning) so grab a downtown alum to support or abet your plans.

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