Catalyst project: Amber

Discovery into how charities and digital partners develop relationships and do great work together.

1 min readNov 27, 2019


General details

  • Outcome area: Support
  • Phases: Discovery
  • Timeframe: Jan — Mar 2019
  • Doing the work:
    CAST — To gain a better internal understanding of the problem space, so we can figure out what needs exist before planning further work.

Description of work

Research into how charities scope out digital work and start positive relationships with digital partners.

More on this work

Here is the full Discovery Playback (Google Slides).

The biggest finding was that agency procurement is often opaque, secretive, lacking reality of working together, and unequal. However, good working relationships require transparency, trust, openness and equality. This slide highlights an often glaring misalignment in the procurement process.

Intended output

Discovery Playback, pulling together existing challenges, needs and behaviours when charities and partners work together on digital projects.

Fit with Catalyst purpose

Increase in the number of high quality relationships between charities and digital partners.

Key contacts

If anyone would like to discuss or build on this work, please get in touch: