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Finishing touches…

A note from our Digital Partner, Angus at Mosaic Digital:

As we enter the final stages of the project, we’re applying finishing touches. A flurry of tweaks to the front end, some finishing up of the back-end functionality, and then we’ll be able to push things live next week. Of course this is only the beginning … Once we get real data coming in, we’ll be able to figure out what else needs to be done, what works well, what doesn’t work quite so well … ll really helpful input to what should be a really useful additional tool to help the community.

We’ll also spend some time next week tidying up the code, removing the extraneous bits, the commented out bits, the experimental bits, so it’s easier for other teams to take on and enhance.

What a fabulous experience this has been … looking forward to the next phase! — Angus, Mosaic Digital

A quick update from us:

This week has been all about analytical requirements and data in terms of the continued development of the tool. We have been working internally to consider the types of information we need to collect and what we hope the tool can gather. Then working with Angus to see how to do this, as well as what to prioritise in the last few weeks of the development phase. We are hopeful that we will be able to get some more funding to continue this work and create a comprehensive tool.

The search for funding and the funding bid for the momentum / continuation grants that have been made available ties into the future planning of CA:MK. Questions of how we are going to embed the data capturing tool into our everyday work, as well asking groups and organisations to also adopt and use the tool regularly generates interesting areas of conversation to be considered. We continue to ask for feedback and gain further insights from the groups that share their expertise.

Lastly we are working on our poster for the exhibition in May. We went to one of the sessions that created space for feedback on current designs and various ways to make the poster as captivating as possible. It was really interesting to challenge ourselves to summarise and reflect so concisely. We will be finishing off the poster in the coming days and look forward to the exhibition!!

See you next week, Danielle, Anna, Julie :)




UK collaborative to bring a social purpose to the digital revolution. From CAST, City Bridge Trust, Comic Relief, DCMS, Esmée Fairbairn, Paul Hamlyn Foundation and The National Lottery Community Fund.

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