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How to write a blog post without even trying

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Get inspired

Get rid of your fears

  1. Write the blog post.
  2. Ask a friend or colleague to review it. Make any changes you want (or not — it’s your post after all).
  3. Show it to your boss or someone else in your organisation before you publish it.

What makes a good post?

  • useful
  • surprising
  • entertaining
  • educational

16 ways to get started

  1. People like lists so think along the lines of: 5 ways to *do the thing that you do*
  2. Share something you’ve learned or been working on — things like weeknotes are ideal.
  3. Look in your support queries — what do people ask you about?
  4. What’s the thing you say most often at work? Write a post about what that means.
  5. What do you wish you’d known before you started your current role?
  6. If you could give someone one piece of advice: what would it be?
  7. Help your sector by writing about user research, user need statements and personas your organisation has done.
  8. What do you need help with right now? Describe it and ask.
  9. What’s the vision or mission of your organisation? What does that mean to you?
  10. If you could get a team of people across your sector working together on the same thing — what would that look like?
  11. If money were no object — what would your organisation do with it?
  12. What do you wish your organisation/sector did better? Where do you all get stuck?
  13. Have you used information, assets or learning from another organisation? Tell people about it.
  14. What do you need to know now to get where you want to go?
  15. Interview someone in your organisation or industry about their top lessons/tips they’d like to pass on.
  16. Post your assets, like Trello boards, Notion boards or workspace templates.

Structure your posts like a news article

Craft an attention-grabbing title

  • people like numbers, so list posts do well and putting a number in the title helps people know how much info they’ll get (three top tips is short whereas 50 ways to do something will take longer to get through)
  • be personal — your story is powerful and interesting to others so making this obvious in the title can work really well
  • try putting the most important words at the start of the title, this helps people when they’re scanning search engine results pages
  • be simple and useful by telling people in simple language what they’ll get from the post

Get someone to read it through



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Christine Cawthorne

I head up Crocstar, a creative content agency. We make the complex simple through great storytelling. Plain language lover and content design trainer.