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Take Five: this week’s most useful digital charities content

This is the first of a new series showcasing the most useful and relevant digital content and opportunities produced by our network over the last seven days.

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1. Building accessible and inclusive online services

30 min podcast. Published by SCVO and Third Sector Lab.

Useful because it:

  • Features four real examples of how charities have achieved good levels of accessibility and inclusivity through digital services.
  • Contains links to call notes and resources shared during the call

Listen to the pod.

2. Children and Young People’s Services — DigiShift Zoom call

Live Zoom call on Friday 24th April, 11.30 -12.30pm. Run by SCVO and Third Sector Lab

Useful because:

  • It’ll focus in challenges and solutions within the children and young people’s sector
  • Four real life charities will talk about what they are doing

This will be the fourth SCVO DigiShift call. They are well run and very interactive. Sign up here.

3. Systematising charity learning during the Coronavirus outbreak

Written by Adam Groves, Design Lead at The Children’s Society

Useful because:

  • It presents four lenses for exploring new ways of working during the pandemic
  • It shares their methods for gathering insight into those new ways of working from across the organisation

Although The Children’s Society are a large charity, their approach has elements that any charity interested in taking a more design-based approach to their services can learn from. Read the article.

4. Online ‘Introduction to Content Design’ course

Self-study. Launches May 18th. Published by GOV.UK.

Useful because:

  • It’ll teach you how to use content (words, data, images, etc) to make your online services more accessible and relevant to your beneficiaries
  • It’s online, free and you can self-study in your own time

Read why content design is relevant to your charity. Then sign up here.

5. Introduction to Design Sprints

Online workshop Friday 24th April, 11:00–12:30pm. Run by Outlandish.

Useful because:

  • It’ll teach you the basics of running design sprints to solve service delivery challenges
  • It’s designed for people working in the social sector

Costs £15. Sign up here.

More next week

OK, we hope that worked for you. To reward you for getting to the end, here’s an extra puppy…

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