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VCAA / Going Green Together Weeknotes — Round 3

Week 7

In our catch up this week we finalised the 6 key action areas that will be on our website agreeing to have 4–6 steps for each area. We decided on Office, Engagement, Travel, Waste, Energy and Food. Carol and I had already worked on a spreadsheet and found loads of actions so my job was to condense these into the chosen areas to make some snappy actions. We had a little look at meet up and confirmed the name, Going Green Together, and the strapline ‘Supporting the North East’s VCSE sector towards Net Zero. We confirmed a domain name and we’re good to go.

On Thursday I had lots of VCAA/GGT meetings. The first was a comms and engagement meeting with Flo where we discussed key words to describe Going Green Together and broke them down into key areas. Flo asked me some questions about messaging so she could develop key messages that we have to hand for the future.

We then had 2 meetings with Noam, the first was going through MeetUp which is the platform we’ll be using to run events for Going Green Together. We set up our first meeting so we can talk through the web tool. We then had a meeting where Noam talked us through how we could use the CRM system to edit and update it. Its quite straightforward to use, a lot more straightforward than Wordpress!

Week 8

This week I was off on holiday in London but because our meetings are so fun, I still joined. This meeting focused on looking at the design of the website and getting the go ahead on which style was most effective. We decided that a more minimalistic look worked best as it fits in well with the essence of what climate action is about. The design looked great with landmarks from the North East, designs for climate action and the different actions we have written. We also went through the branding that Flo and I discussed in our meeting.

Week 9

This week we had a meeting looking at the more updated site with the designs. We had a discussion about any other things we want to add and considered making a list pf potential adaptions for the future. We also had a look at the style guide that’s being developed. I was tasked with getting some feedback from core VCAA members on how the website is looking and adding in some more actions organisations have sent in.

Beyond this, we’re getting close to the wrap up so Carol and I shared out the tasks we need to complete for wrap up. My job was to do the playback slides. It was really interesting looking back over what we did in the Definition programme and seeing how much our plans have progressed during the Development programme. I’m really looking forward to launching the site.



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Georgia Goncalves

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