Citizens Advice Southampton Weeknotes — 4th February

Sarah Brightwell
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2 min readFeb 4, 2021

Time is flying by and we’re already a week into our digital development project. This initial stage has mostly been about setting up our systems and processes, and making sure our staff and volunteers are informed and on board.

  • We’ve shared our Discovery playback presentation with our staff and volunteers, answered their questions, and explained how they will let us know when clients agree to take part in our research
  • We’ve had an initial meeting with our new research assistant, and contacted volunteers who are interested in being involved with the project
  • We’ve agreed the project plan with the Allteks team and arranged our weekly catchups
  • We’ve created a sub-plan for the user research element of the project, as we’re conscious that this is the element that is likely to take the most time and has the potential to hold up other aspects of the work if not completed on time
  • We’ve broadened our thinking on our “user groups”, and we’re now including our service supervisors, service manager and our wider community stakeholders in our research
  • We’ve identified useful resources to help us design our interview scripts, surveys and focus groups
  • A volunteer is carrying out a search of the literature for academic papers that may help substantiate our own research

Next week we start in earnest, with a session to start drafting our research questions and our planned SMS survey, and book out time in our diaries to carry out the various research tasks. Meanwhile our partners at Allteks are reviewing the status of our current technology and making a start on the Data Protection Impact Assessment.



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Project Coordinator for Advice in Southampton, led by Citizens Advice Southampton.