What is WeThePeoples?

WeThePeoples is a grassroots movement for a democratic United Nations- and we are gonna get one.

We seek direct elections to choose US delegates to the UN, and direct democracy to guide their actions.

We are rooted in community-level struggles for justice and democratic modes of being in the world. We hold ourselves accountable to community-level organizers.

We reject the intersecting modes of fear, hatred, and control that make up both global capitalism and neo-nationalism. We understand that the trauma from these forces of oppression crosses communal, generational, and political borders.

We view the UN as an institution with the potential to confront these forces, while firmly stating that it has been heavily influenced by them since its founding.

We envision a radically transformed UN, governed not by regimes, but by people.

We champion participatory democracy as the path towards a more just and vibrant world, understanding that participation can take many forms.

We deeply celebrate the infinite differences between and within peoples. We affirm that there is no such thing as a human being in general. We’re not seeking a global government- we’re fighting one.

We make time and space for people to heal from the collective traumas caused by hatred in all of its forms, including self-hatred.

We recognize our own finite capacity.

We engage the public and practice strategic nonviolence.

We believe that we will win.