Why I can’t wait to get started as WeTransfer’s new CEO

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been more excited than my kids about Christmas, but this year I definitely am.

It’s so great to finally be here in Amsterdam and all set to take over from Bas in January.

All my working life I have been in international businesses, whether it was marketing Johnny Walker for Diageo or building up Kindle into a European success story. So when I was approached about the chief executive’s position at WeTransfer it seemed like a brilliant opportunity.

I knew that if I was ever going to leave Amazon, it would have to be for something pretty special. It had to be a company I really admired and respected, and in WeTransfer I have found that business. I cannot wait to get started. (It also helps that my field hockey-mad children think that moving to Holland will definitely help improve their game.)

I’d used WeTransfer myself, of course, but when I got to look a little closer at the business I was really impressed with what I found. Firstly, I loved how utterly customer focussed WeTransfer is — and the newest version has made using it even simpler.

Secondly, Bas and Nalden have created a great business model, with a dual revenue stream of advertising and subscriptions. It’s a resilient approach and I’m certain that’s why it has been so successful. Thirdly, it was clear that my previous experience was absolutely relevant and that I would be able to help WeTransfer take the next logical steps and grow the business.

Both at Amazon and at eBay I have sought out the more entrepreneurial parts of the business, building things up from scratch. I’ve been what you might call an “intrepreneur” and that has only increased my respect for those special people who start something. Not only did Nalden and Bas start something from a single idea, they have also built a great business.

Now it’s my turn to take the company to the next stage of growth and I am raring to go. I know I’m going to love working for a smaller business, one I can really get my arms around. Looking forward I am really confident that we can build this business to scale, particularly in the US. When you look at the conversion rates of our existing users there, it is the highest of any of our world markets. That makes me very confident that customers really understand and appreciate it.

This is a huge opportunity.

Working closely with Bas and the rest of the management team, I know we can maintain our strong brand culture. We will also continue to work closely with the creative industries. We know what they need and what they like and we will continue to help them create beautiful things, whatever they may be.

So let’s get started.

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