How to Contribute to the Crowdsale

Many have asked for a quick guide on how to contribute to our crowdsale, so here it is!

Which browsers do you support?

We recommend using either Google Chrome or Firefox to browse the site.

Where do I find the address I need to contribute to?

Every participant will be given unique Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses once they sign in to after the crowdsale begins at midnight UTC on March 1st. NOTE: Do not contribute to any address given to you by anyone else, only use the addresses assigned to you on

Here is an image illustrating what your addresses look like — do not send funds to these addresses. It is purely a demonstration of what you will see:

Can I pay in coins other than Bitcoin or Ether?

Yes, you can pay with other coins supported by by setting the destination address on Shapeshift to either your Bitcoin or Ethereum addresses that we have provided, depending on which currency you are converting to. We recommend Ethereum when using Shapeshift, due to the speed of transaction.

Will my Trustcoins (TRST) be credited to me instantly?

No, Trustcoins are calculated as a percentage of the overall contributions; and as such, we won’t know anyone’s exact balance until the crowdsale is over. You will see an automatically refreshing balance on the dashboard as contributions roll in. Expect it to decrease as more contributions come through, so don’t be alarmed to see that the number will start high and get smaller as the crowdsale proceeds.

When will I get my Trustcoin (TRST)?

We’re still finalizing the details of the distribution process, but Trustcoin will be handed out some time after the crowdsale has completed. Part of the task of our escrow signees is to hold us accountable for the complete and correct distribution of Trustcoin.

How do you know where to send the Trustcoin?

We will be asking participants to enter the Ethereum address with which they wish to receive Trustcoin on their profile (at []( at some point during or after the crowdsale.

Can I send BTC/ETH/Alts from an exchange like Poloniex or a smart contract?

Yes, as long as the funds go to one of your unique addresses on the dashboard, it doesn’t matter where they come from.

How are the ETH/Alts converted to BTC when measuring the completion percentage?

For ETH/BTC, we’re using three sources to gather ratio information: Poloniex, CoinMarketCap, and CryptoCompare. We take the median ratio given by these sources at the time of your transaction. For altcoins, we’re using to perform the conversion and spot rates will be determine from them. There will be a Shapeshift link on the dashboard, which will open a page with your crowdfund Ethereum address set to the destination on Shapeshift. We’re using Ether here, since Bitcoin transactions could take a long time to confirm.

Will Two Factor Authentication (2FA) be enabled on the WeTrust ICO website?

WeTrust will have 2FA enabled prior to the Token Distribution process to ensure all funds are safe and there is proper integrity within our system. 2FA will be required to be enabled prior to the token distribution.

If you have other questions, please check out our General Crowdsale FAQ!

Hopefully that helps, looking forward to an exciting few days! Our Crowdsale starts March 1st 12:00 AM GMT!