Team Spotlight | Tom Nash

Tom Nash, WeTrust Front End Developer

Like many other members of the WeTrust team, Tom Nash is both passionate about blockchain technology, and has blazed a very unique path through life. At the moment, he is hard at work implementing the frontend of the WeTrust dApp.

Carlisle, United Kingdom

A native of Carlisle in the United Kingdom, on the border of Scotland and England, he is the second youngest of 10 siblings. For Tom, a big benefit of having so many older siblings is that he always had the latest video games to play as a child. His passion for gaming led naturally to studying Computer Science at Lancaster University, where he became convinced that the Internet still held untapped potential. At the time, he wasn’t sure what form that untapped potential would take, but the idea persisted in his mind.

After university, Tom worked for a web development company for a year, before his adventurous nature compelled him to do something different. Like so many young Europeans afflicted with wanderlust, Tom made his way to Australia, where he lived for a year in Perth and Melbourne, familiarizing himself with Aussie culture. While residing in Melbourne, he worked for a time for a charity, cold calling donors. The experience of making a positive impact stuck with him, and he wanted to look for socially beneficial projects in the future.

Melbourne, Australia

After Australia, fate took Tom to Denmark, where he began work as an app developer. While in Denmark, he learned about the exciting developments in blockchain, particularly Ethereum. He realized that blockchain was the “untapped potential” of the Internet that he had dreamed of since his uni days. He began looking for blockchain projects that were looking for members, and when he found WeTrust, it all clicked. The chance to unlock the potential of blockchain. The chance to work on a project that could have a positive impact on the world. After a great Skype meeting with the founders of WeTrust, Tom became the team’s Front End Developer.

Author: Leon Di, Product Marketing @ WeTrust

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