Feature Friday #2: Cap Table Management

Welcome back to Feature Friday, your weekly behind-the-screen look at what we are building at WE.VESTR.

This week, it’s all about you and your Cap Table. Say goodbye to sorting through different versions of your Cap Table on various shareholders’ laptops.

The Cap Table is the roadmap of your company’s equity … you should be in control. WE.VESTR provides a unified access point for founders, investors, and employees (in the case of an ESOP) to review and engage with the company’s Cap Table.

Start things off by setting up your Cap Table in three easy steps:

  • Initial Shares: Set up your initial shares, no valuation needed.
  • Financing Rounds: Add new and historic investment rounds.
  • Equity Plans: Create and manage pools like Employee Stock Option Plans.

Look at that. Three steps and you’ve built a clear Cap Table overview for your company.

But wait, there’s more. Besides managing your Cap Table, WE.VESTR provides ways to manage your company’s Loans & Convertibles.

  • Loans: Integrate and track your loans to see what has been paid, outstanding amounts and payment frequency.
  • Convertibles: Integrate your convertibles with valuation cap and all the additional terms that may apply like conversion triggers and tag & drag-along rights.
  • Convert to equity: With a click of a button, you can easily convert any convertible to your Cap Table. Seamlessly integrated.

Pretty slick, right? With a fully functioning Cap Table and Loans & Convertibles now built into the WE.VESTR platform, you’re ready to invite shareholders for a unified view of your Cap Table.

That’s it for this week’s Feature Friday. Tune in next week to learn how about KPI Tracking. See you then!

🤹‍♂️Product Lead at WE.VESTR