Feature Friday #3: KPI Tracking

Feature Friday #3 — KPI Tracking

For this week’s Feature Friday, we’re excited to give you a first look at our KPI Tracking function within our Performance Section.

Our goal here at WE.VESTR is to make the lives of founders and investors simpler and the performance of their companies stronger. As a group of entrepreneurs ourselves, we knew that the platform needed to include more than financial statements and Cap Tables. Founders and investors want to keep everything in perspective with their vision, goals, and aspirations.

So, we built the KPI Tracking features to allow WE.VESTR users to integrate and manage their company KPIs alongside their financials and equity metrics, giving them a cohesive view of their company’s performance and trajectory.

Let’s get you set up with some easy first steps:

  • Easily add your monthly and quarterly KPIs to WE.VESTR, including metrics as currency, percentages or quantities.
  • Each of your KPIs can be categorized into KPI groups of your choice, and can be tracked as cumulative amounts or as averages.
  • Users can then access their KPI results anytime, and can compare KPI success with their financial and equity performance on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.
Beta version of the WE.VESTR Dashboard

Now that you’re set up, let’s start thinking about what’s next for you and your company — .

  • As we speak, the WE.VESTR team is finalizing a new feature that will allow users to import their KPI data via our API connection.
  • We’re excited to provide a KPI forecasting feature, where founders and investors can view company projections all within the WE.VESTR environment.

For more on these new features, just stay tuned! Thanks for joining us to learn about WE.VESTR’s KPI Tracking features. See you next Friday!

🤹‍♂️Product Lead at WE.VESTR