Behind W Green Pay: W-Foundation and HOOXI Campaign efforts

W Green Pay (WGP) is the reward token on the HOOXI app to reward individuals’ efforts in greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction.

HOOXI campaign, a Global Nature Conservation Campaign founded in Korea, is venturing into blockchain technology to tokenise its reward system as well as assist in its token distribution.

UPDATE (29 SEP 2018): W Green Pay tokens have since been switched to be on the Ethereum network as ERC20 tokens.

W-Foundation, the philanthropic foundation behind HOOXI campaign, aims to preserve nature through its works with individuals, corporations, organisations and governments around the world. W-Foundation is an international non-profit organization that promotes environmental sustainability and proudly supports the Korean government’s ambitious goal to reduce GHG emissions by 37% by 2030.

The Foundation runs nature conservation projects and relief works for climate refugees and collaborates with like-minded partners in areas of research, field investigation, immediate relief, and education. Besides understanding the WGP tokens, it is also necessary to learn about the ongoing GHG reduction efforts made by the Foundation.

The GHG Reduction Dream

As with any campaigns, a mission without participants will mean that there will not be any results. With that, HOOXI campaign’s mission and vision are echoed in their efforts to collaborate with celebrities and thought leaders. This helps to amplify its campaign and bring the public’s attention to a real-world problem.

W-Foundation has held a number of concerts and events with Korean celebrities across South Korea as well as in other countries such as Ukraine, in order to promote the HOOXI campaign. Besides this, a campaign song is released every two years with the last release in 2016. “Together as One” was a collaboration between W-Foundation as well as top Korean celebrities such as SuperJunior members Choi Si-Won and Lee Dong-Hae, Kim Tae Woo, Ailee and Chang-min of TVXQ.

Together as One — HOOXI campaign song in 2016.

INFINITE, a Korean idol group, was appointed the ambassador of HOOXI campaign on December 12, 2017 at the National Assembly. INFINITE has one of the biggest fanbase in Korea, with its official VLive TV, a Korean live-streaming platform, and Twitter accounts already amassing close to 2,000,000 followers and 700,000 followers respectively. The members have promoted HOOXI campaign by mentioning their individual efforts at GHG reduction such as taking the public transportation despite being superstars in the country.

Members of INFINITE during the appointment ceremony at the National Assembly on December 12, 2017.

Relief work for climate change disasters

While focusing on its campaign to reduce GHG, W-Foundation is also actively involved in other efforts, such as doing emergency relief work when natural disasters intensified by climate change take place. During such occurrences, W-Foundation provides humanitarian assistance and disaster relief and informs the public about the plight of those affected by the disasters.

Wook Lee, Chairman of W-Foundation, and Youree Lee, CEO of W-Foundation, with children of Ternate, Philippines.

In 2016, after Cyclone Winston ravaged the South Pacific Islands, W-Foundation organised an estimated US$2.5 million worth of relief goods and worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Fiji to investigate longer term solutions to help climate refugees in the region.

Youree Lee, CEO of W-Foundation, with relief donations to Philippines in 2014.

A year prior to that, W-Foundation collaborated with Black Yak, the global mountaineering and outdoor apparel brand headquartered in Korea, and mountaineer Eun-Seon Oh to provide US$900,000 worth of relief goods during the Nepal earthquake. W-Foundation also leveraged its experience and know-how to provide on-site emergency relief and worked with the Nepal government and AmeriCares-Foundation to build a temporary base in Gorkha and Dading where the damages were most serious.

Youree Lee (third from right), CEO of W-Foundation, and Wook Lee (second from right), Chairman of W-Foundation with Ratu Inoke Kubuabola (centre), Minister for Defense and and National Security.

Strategic Partnerships

Besides actively engaging in promotional campaigns such as partnering with YJM Games to produce a mobile role playing game called “Am I a Hero?”, with its main character U-Ki representing W-Foundation, the foundation is also focused on building strategic partnerships to accelerate its growth and reach more individuals, specifically by tapping into different networks and channels.

Game poster for mobile RPG “Am I a Hero?

One such example is the establishment of HOOXI Network in Singapore and HOOXI Foundation in New York, USA in collaboration with Sun Media Group. Sun Media Group is founded by the media entrepreneur Bruno Wu and his wife, a well-known journalist and talk-show hostess, Yang Lan. Both individuals are highly respected in the industry with many years of experience and a wide network to offer. Sun Media Group currently operates 72 media channels and holds the most extensive content intellectual property rights in the world. Leveraging his experience and status in the industry, Bruno set up the HOOXI Foundation, which covers global fundraising efforts and celebrity endorsements for the HOOXI campaign.

Wook Lee (centre), Chairman of W-Foundation, with Bruno Wu (left) and wife Yang Lan (right).

Once again, by drawing in the mainstream crowd through celebrities’ endorsements and their personal involvements, the HOOXI campaign is able to reach a wide network of people from across all cultures.

Leveraging strategic partnerships and the Foundation’s continuous reach-out to wider global networks outside Korea, the liquidity and utility of WGP tokens will be enhanced and support the global roll-out of the HOOXI app.

For more information on WGP tokens, visit WGP’s official website (