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HOOXI App & HOOXI Mall Officially Launched!

With full upgrade to Social Network Service (SNS) layout, users can purchase goods at HOOXI Mall with W Green Pay (WGP)!

The HOOXI app, W Green Pay (WGP) reward platform for greenhouse gas reduction actions, officially launched on March 8. The official launch version incorporates a comprehensive, full-scale update based on extensive user feedback garnered over the three-month long open-beta period that started from December 5th, 2018.

The newly launched official HOOXI app version has a full suite of Social Network Service (SNS) functionalities similar to Instagram. Users can follow each other, exchange messages, and “like” each other’s mission updates. HOOXI mall, where users can shop various goods and services using WGP, has also officially opened.

Other upgrades include a more extensive list of environmental and climate action “missions”, enabling users to perform a variety of new and interesting missions including ‘picking up trash while diving in the ocean’, ‘clipping long haired pets to reduce the use of vacuum cleaners’, and so on. New users can register easily via their Naver, Facebook, Kakao Talk, and Google accounts.

Youree Lee, CEO of W-Foundation emphasized that, “just as we see on Instagram or YouTube, we look forward to seeing HOOXI app cultivating its own roster of iconic influencers contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through various creative means. English, Chinese, Japanese and Cambodian versions of HOOXI App will also launch by May of this year. HOOXI app will contribute to solving environmental problems all around the world by engaging the enthusiasm and imagination of the public.”

HOOXI app rewarded the top 20% of its users every month using the native cryptocurrency WGP since its open-beta launch in December of last year. The WGP monthly reward is distributed on the 25th of every following month.

For February, the top ranked user with the nickname ‘Chun’ scored 4,634 points and the second placed ‘Yellow Rose’ scored 4,109 points. In terms of administrative ‘regions’, Daegu Metropolitan City was ranked the first, closely followed by Gyeongsangbuk-do, Busan Metropolitan City, Seocho-gu (Seoul), and Chungcheongnam-do, in that order. The first-place among the ‘groups’ was taken by ‘GDAC Investors for a Clean Environment’ and the second-place honors went to ‘Green Family’. Going forward, HOOXI App plans to provide various benefits to the top participants in the regional and group rankings through tailored competitive events and awards.

WGP, the blockchain token reward on the HOOXI app, has multiple use cases. First, WGP can be used to purchase products at the HOOXI Mall that integrated into the HOOXI app; users can purchase HOOXI water from Fiji, customized W Green Pay baseball shirt with customized initials, HOOXI mugs, and so on. Second, WGP can also be monetized by transferring it to GDAC Exchange and trading it in the open market. Third, W Green Pay is on its way to being accepted at offline shops using QR code scanning technology.

Several of blockchain industry insiders commented that “the HOOXI app contributes to the much-anticipated mass adoption of blockchain technology by introducing it into the daily lives of the general public, helping to grow the market beyond the existing blockchain token users.”

W Green Pay is currently listed and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Huobi Korea and GDAC Exchange.

W-Foundation is a global nature conservation and relief organization established in May 2012. It is a designated donation organization under the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of the Republic of Korea. W-Foundation runs a number of projects on nature conservation and relief work for refugees impacted by climate change and natural disasters. It works with governments, organizations and communities across multiple domains, such as research, field investigation, immediate relief, and education. In November 2018, the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Secretariat noted W-Foundation on its website as one of 25 advisors assisting corporations and organizations measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information on WGP tokens, visit WGP’s official website (www.wpay.sg) and join the official Telegram group!




W GREEN PAY - The most innovative social carbon credit platform; a tokenised reward system for greenhouse gas reduction.

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W Green Pay

The reward method of HOOXI App to its users' GHG reduction efforts.

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