W Green Pay Announces Partnership with Zeex to Enhance the Usability of WGP Tokens

Users can look forward to utilizing WGP tokens at e-commerce sites such as Amazon

W Green Pay (WGP) is thrilled to announce its partnership with Zeex, the world’s first blockchain fintech company to provide a secure everyday shopping platform for cryptocurrency holders. With just a few simple taps on WGP-affiliated Zeex Internet and mobile applications, WGP token holders will be able to use WGP to instantly purchase name-brand retail merchandise in their daily lives.

W-Foundation’s CEO and Co-Founder, Youree Lee (centre) with the team behind Zeex

About Zeex

Zeex is a blockchain-based, decentralized shopping platform that allows cryptocurrency holders to exchange cryptocurrency for prepaid corporate currency, i.e. gift cards and retail vouchers. Through its simple, intuitive platform on the rails of the gift card industry, Zeex helps cryptocurrency holders enjoy a safe, anonymous and frictionless shopping experience at 0% fees, without the hassle and cost of exchanging cryptocurrency for traditional fiat currency. Zeex currently has over 450 branded retail partners, including but not limited to: Amazon, Google Play, Apple, Nike, Adidas and Starbucks. Zeex is backed by Zeek, a sister company that is a leading EU gift card supplier and backed by leading VCs. The Zeex protocol operates on an open source Smart Contract that ensures transparency and security. The protocol runs on an Ownership’s Encryption Model, which is an asymmetric cryptography for gift cards.

About W Green Pay

W Green Pay (WGP) is a Stellar-compliant token issued to reward the general public’s participation in the HOOXI campaign — a Korea government-backed Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction campaign led by W-Foundation. The HOOXI campaign aims to create a platform that enables the public to participate in market-driven GHG reduction schemes in their daily lives.

Through the HOOXI mobile application, the campaign will monitor and reward the efforts of individuals participating in GHG reduction activities. The application will distribute WGP tokens as reward to users completing predefined GHG reduction missions, many of which will be customized for the user by an AI engine. In addition, the application will have fun gamification and social network features, allowing users to compete for rank within their groups while soliciting peer responses to posted photos and descriptions of their GHG reduction exploits. The application will aggregate and monetize the users’ GHG reduction data through Korea’s carbon emissions market.

About the partnership

The primary goal of this partnership is to create a large-scale liquidity network for WGP token holders in the WGP ecosystem. WGP token holders will be able to use WGP to make everyday purchases of real products and services in a matter of a few quick taps. Through the Zeex network, WGP token holders can look forward to spending WGP on a wide range of global brands and retailers, such as Amazon, iTunes, Google Play Store and so on.

Guy Melamed, CEO and Co-Founder of Zeex, said: “At Zeex, we look for creative solutions and innovative partnerships that will help us drive greater market acceptance of cryptocurrency. Together with W Green Pay, we believe we can influence the public to adopt the usage of cryptocurrency through a meaningful and impactful way.”

Going forward, WGP will be integrating Zeex’s blockchain payment platform onto the HOOXI Mall — an inhouse e-commerce platform that allows WGP token holders to spend their WGP on discounted products and services offered by corporate sponsors of W-Foundation and the HOOXI campaign.

“Through this partnership, we hope to leverage on the strengths of both organizations to drive mass market adoption of the HOOXI mobile application, and provide the best user interface possible for WGP token holders. We believe this collaboration with Zeex will bring about new opportunities for WGP in the cryptocurrency space,” added Youree Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of W-Foundation.

For more information on WGP tokens, visit WGP’s official website (www.wpay.sg) and join the official Telegram group!