W Green Pay Token Swap: Smart Contract Upgrade + 40% of Reserved Tokens Reduction

We have been busy working on global exchange listings, partnerships and HOOXI app development in the past few months. While at it, we have also carefully reviewed our ecosystem and determined the best for our community.

With that, we will be reducing our total token supply by 40%. The 40% will come from the reserves for future sale as well as issuer’s reserves.

Adding on, one important reason for the token swap is that we will be doing a smart contract upgrade with an added security function to further secure wallets.

Important dates to take note of:

18 April, 2019 - 2:00PM KST (GMT+9) : Transfer halts

All transfers of WGP on blockchain will be temporarily halted until token swap has been completed.

19–25 April, 2019 : Token swap

The token swap will happen over approximately one week. Please do not move or transfer your tokens from your wallets to make sure that the token swap will be smoothly completed for everyone.

To be announced: Transfer resumes

As soon as we are ready, all transfers of WGP on blockchain will be resumed. This means that at this point, you would have received the equal amount of new WGP and you would be able to move or transfer WGP tokens as per normal.

What should WGP token holders do?

You do not have to do anything. What happens is that the swap will be automated. The only thing you would have to do is to leave your WGP tokens where it is. We will be taking a snapshot after transfer halts, and swap the new WGP tokens in to the existing wallet.

In other news, we are excited to update everyone with our upcoming activities:

  • HOOXI App’s English, Chinese, Japanese version launch expected in May
  • WGP/HOOXI App & Campaign partnership announcement of respectable entities all around the globe