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Announcement: $WHALE listing on Huobi

Team $WHALE is thrilled to announce that the world’s leading social and NFT token is now listed on Huobi.com.

This announcement comes as part of Team $WHALE’s strategy to increase liquidity, stability, awareness and dominance in the rapidly growing fields of Non-fungible tokens and Social Currency.

“We have been working on this partnership since October of 2020 and I am thrilled to see $WHALE being listed on the 2nd largest exchange in the World. It is an honor for the $WHALE leadership team and community to be recognized by the team at Huobi and I look forward to working even more closely with them in the near and far future” says WhaleShark, Founder of $WHALE.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of a listing on Gate.io and marks the second Top 10 crypto exchange that $WHALE is being listed on this quarter.

“Ensuring that $WHALE not only has broader and deeper liquidity in the market, but also is more accessible to interested investors, is one of our key strategic initiatives as we take $WHALE to the next level,” says Annissa, Head of Operations.

Interested parties can start depositing their $WHALE and requisite assets on Huobi Global effective immediately.

Huobi.com is the world-leading Bitcoin and Ethereum trading platform, providing secure and convenient trading services for hundreds of digital assets.

To learn more about $WHALE, visit our website at whale.me or join our discord at discord.gg/whale.




The NFT community for everyone: from Minnows (beginners) to Whales. $WHALE is the first social currency backed by high-value assets. Begin your journey into the Metaverse from the place that has all the very latest and greatest in news, events, and competitions.

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Whale Shark

Whale Shark

Part Whale. Part Shark. I am the collector of all things Bleeding Edge and Scarce. Founder of $WHALE and E1337.

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