Governance: The $WHALE DAO

One of the many benefits of holding $WHALE is that you can stake your $WHALE to get a voice in the governance decisions!

Original $WHALE DAO introduction by WhaleShark:


  • Proposals may be for community improvements or initiatives, or to buy or sell items for or in the vault.
  • Find the $WHALE Proposal Guide here.
  • Proposals are made to the HOUSE first, and if passed, they then move to the SENATE. Once passed through the Senate, proposals are approved by WhaleShark. This veto power is temporary until the DAO matures and votes the power away.
  • Only “DAO-WHALE” role holders and WhaleShark (representing the $WHALE Team) may present proposals for voting.
  • Other $WHALE role-holders (that is: anyone with an H2P role) may individually or collectively make suggestions for a proposal.
  • Anyone with a DAO-WHALE role may then decide to pick up and present those suggested proposals to the House (as part of their proposal quota).
  • Everyone with an H2P role can vote in the House (it’s not mandatory).
  • If passed in the House, the proposal then moves to the Senate, where DAO-WHALES and DAO-VOTERS may vote.
  • Finally, any proposals that do not pass may be refined and re-submitted the next month at the earliest. Passing proposals are enacted after being approved (until the approval step is removed).
  • H2P members are eligible for rewards if successful proposals are attributed to them.

🔶DAO-WHALE subscription cost (refunded) is 1000 $WHALE term 2 DAO (April 2021 to 31st Dec 2021)

🔶DAO-VOTER subscription cost (refunded) is 500 $WHALE term 2 DAO (April 2021 to 31st Dec 2021)

ALL subscription costs refunded after term expiry. The next DAO registration term will begin 2022; details to be released December 2021.

🔱2,000 $WHALE per month is currently budgeted for distribution to DAO-WHALE and -VOTER role holders.

WhaleShark on the DAO:

When we launched $WHALE in May 2020, I made a promise to the $WHALE community that I would gradually transition $WHALE to a DAO structure of governance and management. Since May, we have been actively looking at different on-chain solutions to start our DAO journey and have even planted the first seeds with DAOstack through the deployment of a test DAO (SEA). However, time waits for no man, and given the developmental stage of DAO technology, the insane variability in gas prices and the need for immediate community governance… Today, marks the first step towards fulfilling that promise of a transition: Welcome to $WHALE DAO. The $WHALE Community, The Vault and $WHALE Tank are all valuable assets that need to be protected, intelligently managed and selflessly governed. It is in that spirit of community governance, that I am thrilled to announce that we will be launching the $WHALE DAO within our $WHALE Discord. WhaleShark 8th of September, 2020

Enquire through discord about the next DAO member intake.


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