10 Things You Can Do on the Blockchain that You Can’t on the Web
William Mougayar

Great analysis. Those represent best uses for the blockchain as it currently stands (the bitcoin blockchain as generally conceived by Satoshi). This is basically an iterative singular transaction of value — which is why it seems best suited to money transfer. Smart contracts are still far too clunky to scale as is. Nothing time sensitive can work well on blockchain as it currently stands — processing takes far too long. Adding ads, which is where new companies are trying to add value, will just make this slower. DAGs show promise, but like all current innovation versions, seem to sacrifice security for speed. This is not a compromise worth making, in my opinion.

I am concerned about item 7 on your list. I realize this can benefit repressed societies in opening up access to information. However, I think it is most likely to become the source of crime.

People are prone to use innovation for nefarious purposes, and these are generally the first to be cash-flow positive. Child porn has already found its way into the bitcoin blockchain, and Silk Road has been reiterated several times over at this point. It it would be wonderful if we could figure out a way to innovate without worrying about the innovation getting distorted to harmful use. I hope innovators and investors on blockchain are mindful of these problems, and ensure that new applications are suitably modified to track, if not prevent, those who choose to distort technology to cause harm.