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A Fireside Chat with lucclop

first 22 weeks of NFT art from lucclop

lucclop is an artist who creates digital art, with 3D models, digital painting and photographs. HeatherHz and the Whale Community sat down with him at a fireside chat to discuss life, art, and NFTs! Here are some excerpts from that interview.

On his Introduction to the Crypto and NFT space

A friend mentioned it, actually. I’ve been doing art for a long time, but a friend of mine mentioned that I should look into it. And as soon as you get your head into it, it’s just so huge. And then once your head’s in there, probably following two thousand people now. Just constantly information. Looking at people’s art, sharing people’s art, chatting. Such a big space and I think that’s one of the main things about it, really. Compared to publishing your art and selling it in a in a shop or a gallery, you’re just so connected. It’s such a big audience here and you’re getting feedback that you just wouldn’t get anywhere else. You can talk to collectors, talk to other artists, and and it’s just so accessible. So yeah, as soon as soon as I put a foot through the door, I was just sucked into the whole thing. So much has happened in such a short period of time. It’s definitely a wormhole, this space. And you come into it with questions and then the answers lead you to even more questions once you get into it.

On Inspiration from Childhood and Children

Obviously I love playing with the kids and mentioned homeschooling. With any lesson that I did with them was an art lesson because we just really enjoy creating together. But also, just with the kids in general, is that there’s just so much positivity. They’re not shy or timid. They can make fun out of just the smallest things and I just love that view of the world and that’s why I sort of create quite playful art, I guess. They’re all all characters and they’re all sort of set in a picture of life — the explorer, the child looking through books and using their imagination, going off in spaceships and things like that.

So it’s all sort of the hopeful images in my mind, really. And it’s quite a nice escape. I read stories to the kids, and it’s always just so visual. And you see their eyes light up and you know it’s all all very sort of visual to them. And I think it’s obviously taking that inspiration from children, but also looking back at my childhood. You see I did a series of drawing sweets, basically. And there’s a giant gummy bear and flying saucers. That was just a series of sort of playful artworks. But just looking at how exciting something as simple as a gummy bear can be through a child’s eyes.

Gummy by lucclop

On Building an Audience

I always share the story. I always sort of share the step by step, just because I see my my of twitter page as a blog. And when I’m working on something I’ll just take a quick photo and this is what I’m up to today. And I get positive feedback saying they’re really interested to see how it all comes together. And I guess then, if somebody picks it up, it was nice to see how I did it. I’m really active on on Twitter, but not as a marketing strategy as such. But I just really enjoy it, and getting to know people, and talking to collectors and other artists. And of course it helps because you need to get eyes on your work at the end of the day. Like I said earlier, I don’t think people do just sit and scroll. It’s really hard to to find work by browsing. I think you need to get to know the artist on on Twitter and really get to know them. But I also think that’s a great thing — that’s something that you don’t really achieve outside of this space. To actually be able to talk to the person that created that artwork and have a chat to them find out their story. It’s great!

Prior to NFTs, if you wanted to buy art online, you might find somebody on Instagram or maybe Etsy or something like that. But you know, you just buy the thing. And I can’t think of a relationship I’ve developed with people I’ve bought stuff from on Etsy. There’s something just inherently different about this.

And then it feels quite personal to see how it came together and almost see my hand doing the work. But as I was saying earlier, about just just minting things cold and and not getting any feedback, if I’m sharing sort of the making of, I can then almost gauge if people are liking how it’s going or not. And obviously if it wasn’t looking good, then don’t mint it!


Even as a tiny child I was just drawing. Mostly hand drawing and or watercolors when I was a teenager. But I found it sort of a really nice escape. I always have. When I was younger it was a lot of pencil drawings, but it was always characters. So I was always drawing much more realistic actually when I was younger. I used to do almost photo-real drawings now I’m older, it’s more about sort of capturing this playful feeling.

Blue by lucclop

With all the scenes and the characters I just try and show an emotion or a feeling, or whether it’s fun, or whether it’s sad. Try and capture a feeling and hopefully spark some some emotions in people’s minds as well.

On His First NFT Sale and Chasing Sales

Somebody bought it [Hidden Beauty]. I think it was about 680 dollars, but that’s incredible! I know probably people getting into NFTs, they see people selling two thousand dollars plus, but for me, the fact that somebody’s picked it up and that’s a lot of money, that that makes a big difference. That was great! So I think probably it’s not what you call big money, but it’s definitely big for me.

Hidden Beauty by lucclop

I love people picking up my work. But I think I’ve seen this, even in the short space of time, people come along and get frustrated because they’re not selling. You see all these people selling for the tens of thousands and they’re not selling that yet. But I don’t get drawn into that. I just think it’s amazing that somebody’s prepared to pay hundreds of dollars.

I think it’s important, especially as a new artist in the space, to not get hung up or discouraged by seeing other artists that are selling. It’s a combination of luck and who they’ve known already. And really, it’s you as an artist. You have to focus on just the joy of creating it and sharing it and I think the rest will follow.

Definitely be consistent and keep going and and and always enjoy it because if you ever start getting frustrated about money, I probably shouldn’t be doing it, you know. Just enjoy it and then engaging with people, and getting the positive feedback, and if it comes, brilliant! I mean, obviously the dream would be if I could do this as a job and not have to go out to work doing other things every day and spend more time with with the kids. Quite obviously envious when I see people have been able to make that leap. But I know that just takes a lot of time and a lot of effort to get to that point. You have to build and prove to people that you know you’re going to be consistent and keep improving.

It’s definitely an incredible platform to reach people. You just feel like everything’s accelerated because you can reach people in in a way that you can’t outside. It really presents a lot of great opportunities.

I’ve seen it too. People, you know the artists that that I was following from day one three months ago, just to see them take off. It’s been incredible, really to see, them so happily transform their lives. It really takes your breath away.

I feel successful. People have bought my work. That means a great deal and I feel proud of where it’s going. It’s great

Screen Time by lucclop


Watch the full interview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBpbgocl66A) to hear more from lucclop about balancing work, art, and home life, his NFT collection, and the search for hidden celebrities in one of his pieces!

You can view his work at:

Foundation: https://foundation.app/lucclop
Known Origin: https://t.co/7x7PlpFMbR?amp=1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lucclop



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