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Bi-weekly Recap | 14th January, 2022

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Light World — Created by jungraphy: Tokyo/Japan The light world appearing after the rain.

Hello and welcome to the $WHALE Bi-weekly Recap for the 14th of January, 2022!

The natural environment of our $WHALE-Whales, Sharks, and Dolphins is on the community app called “Discord” (click to join). But if you don’t want to make a splash there just yet, or are taking a break, you can catch up on all the latest news and events in the $WHALE world right here in the Recap 📰👇

Twitter Highlights

$WHALE — the world’s best social token, with Digital Art and NFTs at its core.

❶ Have you missed any of our recent $WHALE FM events? Navigate to the section below: ‘Ketchup’. You’ll find links to our guests and live recordings from over the last two weeks.

❷ Or if you want to know about all of the perks, activities, giveaways, and other cool community stuff that we have for our members… read on and discover more about the hold-to-play ‘Member Benefits’.

❸ Subscribe to the “Whale-Community” Medium account to remain informed about the latest projects and artists in the NFT space, and be across all the exciting events and developments at $WHALE.

⏩ Just want fast market info?
Check this free version of the Jan 7th NFT Market Update.
There is more available for our hold-to-play members! Join Today ✨

🚨 New regular segment: NFA

Examine your own behavioural bias — are you playing yourself?

Liquidity Mining update:

7,500 $WHALE

Has been distributed to 87 qualifying wallets 💥
(For December Liquidity Provision)

More details about the Liquidity Mining incentive here.

❃ $WHALE used for liquidity cannot be used for the Hold-2-Play roles.

🍅 Ketchup

Your ‘sauce’ for all that’s fresh

Live on 29th of December, 2021

🛠 Makersplace x $WHALE: Cryptop0p by Deborah Azzopardi

UK pop art sensation Deborah Azzopardi has long captivated viewers with her bold lines and vivid colors that command the eyes. Now she brings her revered flirty style to the blockchain to enrapture the metaverse.

Find it on our YouTube channel soon!

Live on 30th of December, 2021

🎨 $Whale x BREEZY The Story of a Rebirth

Eleonora Brizi selected 10 artworks from The Vault collection to discuss human condition of these past 2 years and to look at the future year with a feeling of rebirth.

The selected artists include Undeadlu, Coldie, misterdg29620, Frenetik Void, Brendan Dawes, mlibty, Ophelia Fu, Monfa Cabrera, Reinhard Schmid and David Loblaw.

This group of creators will take us through the feeling of isolation, the idea of dystopian cities, the condition of alienation, until reaching the “rebirth”.

Find it on our YouTube channel soon!

📸 Camera Culture w/ Kurt Jurgen

Canadian drone photographer Kurt Jurgen captures stunning character from the sky, using unique perspective and tech to breathe life and narrative into the inanimate.

Find it on our YouTube channel soon!

Live on 11th of January, 2022

💎 Project Showcase: MintNFT — Barbie x Balmain

Iconic cultural brands BARBIE and BALMAIN launch their collaborative fashion and accessory line on the metaverse runway — with a first of its kind dynamic NFT auction.

Live on 12th of January, 2022

🛠 Makersplace x $WHALE: LouLou Joao

Afrobelgian 3D artist Loulou João uses her interdimensional worldview to analyze, explore, and change the representation of women belonging to the Afro diaspora through her vibrant whimsical lens.

Find it on our YouTube channel soon!

Live on 13th of January, 2022

📸 Camera Culture — Misan Harriman

On this episode of Camera Culture we sit down with photographer, creative director and cultural commentator — Misan Harriman. Misan has a unique eye for narrative and has captured the attention of editors and celebrities around the world. From documenting historic moments in history, most recently the Black Lives Matter movement in London, to photographing high profile celebrities, including Meghan Markle, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Giorgio Armani, Rhianna, Cate Blanchett and Olivia Colman, Harriman is a photographer of extraordinary range.

Find it on our YouTube channel soon!

And of course, all of our regular events:

🚨 NEW! $WHALE NFA — Behavioral Bias

Explore facets of the NFT market that touch on the world of finance! Join us for $WHALE NFA, where Iluscavia will take us through understanding BEHAVIORAL BIAS and how to mitigate when making investment decisions.

🚨 NEW! Once Upon A Meme

We love $WHALE…obsessively many may say! Join Our Memelord as he creates Mememories with YOU, our community.

Where Nytmare takes you through the week of
NBA Top Shot, Fantasy League, Strategy, Hoops, and more.
⌚Monday 5 pm ET / 10 pm UTC

Come and create improv Pixelart with @Roblevypixels using @Pixelchain_Dapp
⌚Wednesday 7.30 pm ET / 12.30 am UTC

In an era of get-rich-quick and instant gratification scams, talk to the real-life multi-millionaire, WhaleShark about wealth topics, NFTs and Crypto Art.
⌚Thursday 9 am EST / 2 pm UTC

Live with the $WHALE Team. Use the stream text channel or come up on stage and chat!
⌚Saturday 10 am EST / 3 pm UTC

Cheer your marble to victory, the louder you shout, the more chance you have to win 😉
⌚Saturday 6 pm EST / 10 pm UTC

🚀Ongoing Member Benefits

for our H2P roles: 🐬Dolphins, 🦈Sharks, and 🐋Whales

🎴 Sharks Only GODS UNCHAINED Challenge

Play for a weekly chance at FREE Gods Unchained NFT cards!
— An exclusive offer for Shark role-holders ONLY🦈

🏰 Free use of CryptoVoxels parcels

Want to start building in the metaverse? Look no further! For the ‘Whale’ role-holders, take advantage of this amazing offer. Contact $WHALE’s one and only DeCryptolorian(DC)#2849 to enquire about getting your plot.

🏎️ CryptoMotors Cars available to race for FREE

Cars are available from either the VAULT or from other $WHALE team members. 🏁 Race in the CryptoMotors STAT game and you could win $WHALE.
— Another exclusive offer for Shark role-holders ONLY🦈

🌊Whale Splash: 6000 x $WHALE per month

Guaranteed tips for our H2P members in the #whale-splash channel on discord.

Multiple splashes throughout the month, so join now before the next one!

🕵 Market Strategy

Have you heard about the MARKET STRATEGY channel?
A resource for all H2P members, this channel has exclusive insights and research from the $WHALE Market Strategy team under the leadership of $WHALE partner, EKAITZA.

Meet the market analysts:
Frank — currently also lectures in economics, statistics and financial derivatives to post-grad level and
Song — trained as a Financial Engineer (Financial Mathematics) and worked as a data and analytics consultant of a leading consulting firm for 10+ years.

They report on the market’s performance, overall sentiment, and look at promising opportunities. Updates published weekly.

🐱Marbles: $WHALE prizes and airdrops, PLUS NFT Giveaways!

$6 for first place, $4 for second place, $2 for third place, and $1 for last marble to finish! (all prizes paid in $WHALE). NFT’s are donated by RudeM00se, GG.

Stick around after the races finish, and if you made into a few top-tens, you could receive some extra $WHALE at the rate of:
1 top 10 finish = 0.1 whale; 2 = 0.15; 3 = 0.2; 4 = 0.25; 5 = 0.3

Cheer your marble to victory during our weekly Marbles event — played on twitch.tv with Rudem00se every Saturday.

Multiple races. No experience or skill is necessary! 😊


We have a $WHALE FM segment focusing on the amazing things being worked on by our community…

Have your project shared on our Streaming series across Discord, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and all of our socials!
Come show us something in the works, or get feedback from the team and community.

🔹 FORMAT will be multiple projects, showcase & interview
🔹 EVERYONE is welcome to submit
🔹 $WHALE Role Holders will be given priority scheduling

If you have a project / artwork / drop / launch / something cool you would like to present and discuss, please message moderator Nytmare in the WHALE discord server.

Get access to $WHALE discord perks now!

H2P Role “HODL” amounts for January:

Dolphin: 27 $𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐋𝐄

Shark: 590 $𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐋𝐄

Whale: 1330 $𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐋𝐄

Click here for more information about H2P roles.

So what are you waiting for? Come dive in and experience all of this live on our discord server. See you there!

“It isn’t where you came from, it’s where you’re going that counts.”

– Ella Fitzgerald


⚫ ️Website: https://whale.me/
⚫ ️Discord: https://discord.gg/whale
⚫️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/whale_community
⚫️ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/Channel
⚫️ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whale__community/
⚫️ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/whalecommunity
⚫️ Rudem00se (Marbles) Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/rudem00se
⚫️ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WHALE_Community
⚫️ Medium: https://medium.com/@whalecommunity
⚫️ Telegram: https://t.me/WHALE_Community



WHALE is the omni-versal membership club for the natively digital, focused on immersing our WHALE Members in the renaissance of digital art and culture.

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