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NFT Market Update — Week Ending July 1st, 2022

State of the Market, 3AC Ordered to Liquidate, Mbappé Elevates Sorare, New ETH Token Standard, Raregotchi Launches and more!

📈State of the Market📉

Market activity for the past 7 days:

⚖ NFT Fear and Greed Index ⚖

Readings for the NFGI are as follows: 0–20 = Extreme Fear, 20–40 = Fear, 40–60 = Neutral, 60–80 = Greed, 80–100 = Extreme Greed.

🥇 Top 3 Sales 🥇

Recent Events

🥅 Mbappé backs NFT fantasy start-up Sorare 🥅

📉 Three Arrows Capital Liquidation Ordered 📉

👮‍♀️ DOJ Files Charges Against a ‘Rug Pull’ 👮‍♀️

📱 Facebook Testing NFTs with US Creators 📱

⛓ New ETH Standard Paves Way for Rentable NFTs ⛓

🚰 OpenSea Data Leak 🚰

🎯 Upcoming Drops 🎯

  • Raregotchi — the 90’s inspired virtual toy project from NFT Studios, is now available for pre-mint. Each Toy can be minted for 0.25 ETH and some notable collectors have already minted including J1mmy, Rizzle, WhaleShark and Hackatao. The public mint will take place on Monday July 4th.
  • Lauded pixel artist Genuine Human released their pixelated banner-format generative art project called Ethereal States and minting is live at 0.08 ETH each.
  • Kevin Hart will be dropping 10,000 pfps entitled Confessions from the Hart on Thursday July 7th with each priced at $65. Utility includes access to all events in ‘Kevin Hart Nation Metaverse’ and an allowlist for all future drops — both physical and digital.
  • PunkScape will be releasing 10,000 unique tracks known collectively as SoundScapes on Tuesday July 12th. Each of the pixelated landscapes will be accompanied by their own unique electronic beat produced by Ben Cronin.

🐳 The Tao of WhaleShark 🦈

🐋 Join $WHALE 🐋

  1. Join the $WHALE discord
  2. Check out the #project-overview channel
  3. Ask in #support if you need any assistance




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