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The WHALE DAO 2022

Season 4


  • SEASON LENGTH — The 4th season of WHALE DAO 2022 will run:
    📅 the 1st of July, 2022 until the 31st of December, 2022.
  • CLAIM TIMING — Roles may be claimed:
    ⏰ from 24th of June, 2022 until 7th of July, 2022 only.
  • The DAO-WHALE role:
    🗳 allows for voting in the SENATE
    📝and submission of two unique proposals per month
    Terms: 1000 $WHALE lock-up for the duration of the season
  • The DAO-VOTER role:
    🗳 allows voting in the SENATE
    Terms: 500 $WHALE lock-up for the duration of the season
  • The ‘locked’ $WHALE will not be refunded until after the 31st of December, 2022. If you decide to leave, not participate or are removed from the DAO you will receive your refund after the season ends.
  • Contact ZORRO (Head of Infrastructure at WHALE, discord server ID: 334876670983012364)▶ before the 7th of July ◀ to secure a role.
  • Terms of the DAO season 5(to begin from the 1st of January, 2023) will be published prior to the expiry of season 4.


  • and you wish to remain in your current role: relax! No need to act.
  • and you wish to change roles: arrange a payment or refund with Zorro.
  • and you wish to leave the DAO: arrange for your refund with Zorro.


“DAO” stands for “Decentralised Autonomous Organisation” and there are many projects that claim the acronym, yet all vary in their operation.

For WHALE, the pure “DAO” definition is an ideal that we are moving towards.

We feel that the most responsible path forward is by moving carefully towards decentralization given the nascent DAO landscape. The WHALE Members, The Vault, and WHALE Tank are all valuable assets that need to be protected, intelligently managed, and selflessly governed.

When will the transition of power and responsibility occur?
The Senate will vote on transitions as the DAO toolkit evolves along with the WHALE DAO itself.

Who currently makes the decisions?
Both day-to-day operations and broad organisational direction is determined by the WHALE team, with the implicit approval of the members of the DAO. This keeps WHALE dynamic and agile.

The DAO members may currently make decisions on the following:

  • WHALE community governance
  • WHALE budgeting governance
  • Governance and management of the usage of ETH and other cryptocurrencies in The Vault
  • Governance and management of assets in The Vault

Examples of proposals that can be voted on are as follows:

  • Kick/ ban members from Discord
  • Moderator/ Junior Moderator/ Advocate nominations
  • Moderator/ Junior Moderator/ Advocate demotions
  • WHALE Events additions and removals
  • WHALE Competition proposals
  • Changes to WHALE monthly budgeting
  • The sale and acquisition of Vault assets

The “Board” oversees the DAO, and has the power to

  • Approve or deny proposals being put forth from the WHALE DAO
  • Govern and set the process of the WHALE DAO including the DAO-House and the DAO-Senate
  • Make immediate/ urgent proposals that would otherwise only require a 50% vote passing from the DAO-House

All approvals from the Advisory Board are based on a Board majority.

Further autonomous processes will be added to WHALE DAO’s operation as suitable methods become available. Implementation of these tools is at the team’s discretion or achieved through rigorous discussion and debate in the DAO operations channels. Community consensus is demonstrated via a proposal and vote.


An in-depth guide to the DAO process including how to make a proposal can be found here.

To summarise, there are usually 6 stages for community-generated proposals:

  1. Idea: Anyone can suggest a proposal. If there is interest, a DAO-WHALE can sponsor a proposal and put it up for a vote.
  2. Discussion: Once an idea is suggested, the whole WHALE community is invited to give their input (not mandatory).
  3. Proposal: The proposal is finalised, and a DAO-WHALE commits to putting the proposal forward.
  4. House: the Hold-to Play roles of Dolphin, Shark, and Whale can vote in the “House” (not mandatory).
  5. Senate: If a proposal passes the House, it moves to the “Senate” where DAO-WHALES and DAO-VOTERS can vote.
  6. Final check and approval by the Advisory Board on proposals approved by the Senate.

We believe that the future of organizational governance lies in its members and fans. The wisdom of many exceeds the intelligence of one.



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