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WHALE Artist Collective


The WHALE Artist Collective is WHALE’s in-house art residency program that empowers creatives by providing supportive engagement, information, education and market exposure. Leveraging the knowledge, resources and member base of WHALE, creatives are able to expedite their professional and commercial growth through active participation in the Collective.

The WHALE Artist Collective provides incremental benefits to creatives who further the cause of the collective through active participation and engagement with other Collective members. Collective members can also accelerate through the WHALE Artist Collective structure through other curatorial methods.

WHALE Members benefit from the WHALE Artist Collective through the intimate relationship between WHALE and the Collective members, resulting in a wide variety of high quality content and events.

The structure is as follows:

Collective Membership

The start of a creative’s journey in the WHALE Artist Collective is through the participation in a WHALE Artist Collective Open Call held quarterly. Creatives are encouraged to submit their works whereby submissions will be reviewed and selected by a panel determined by the WHALE Leadership.

Only a total of ten (10) creatives will be selected on a quarterly basis.

Upon being selected, a creative will be provided a “WHALE @Exhibiting Artist” role with the following perks for one (1) quarter:

Once the quarter is over the Exhibiting Artists role expires, but previous applicants are welcome to re-apply for a spot. All creatives who become Exhibiting Artists will get an honorary WHALE Artist Collective Alumni role forever.

An Exhibiting Artist can only become a @Resident Artist through identified high levels of participation in the WHALE Artist Collective and WHALE that are recognized by their peers and the WHALE leadership team. Voting for the residency spot will occur on a quarterly basis with only a total of one (1) Resident Artists being elected per quarter. This will result in four (4) active Resident Artists at any given time after the first year.

Upon being selected, a creative will be provided a “WHALE Resident Artist” role with the following perks for twelve (12) months:

The title of @Vault Artist is a ceremonial role gifted to creatives who have had over ten (10) pieces of artwork, photography, videography, music or written-word NFTs collected and held by the WHALE Vault. In addition to this, potential Vault Artists must also be confirmed by an unanimous vote by Team WHALE’s leadership. Only one (1) Vault Artist can be elected per year.

DC — WHALE Head of Art

How to join the collective

The collective role is available to those that hold at least 1 $WHALE in their ‘wallet’ (the $WHALE must not be currently used for other roles).

Find out more about how to claim roles at WHALE discord server in this article.



WHALE is the omni-versal membership club for the natively digital, focused on immersing our WHALE Members in the renaissance of digital art and culture.

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