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$WHALE Goes Inside the Wire with Warsaken

All Hands On this WAX-based Deck

Military-themed collectible strategy game WARSAKEN is deployed and has rallied the troops, primed to conquer P2E gaming action with its pack drop this December 15th.

268 distinct collectible trading cards, each with different types of mechanics, are player weapons to execute real-time strategy FTW.

Check out the Warsaken Wallpapers here.

There are no dungeons or dragons, though the game is still laden with fire and mayhem.


You have a deck made up of 65 cards exactly which includes one leader card, four territory cards and 60 arsenal cards (you can’t have more than four each of those).

“… same thing we do every night, Pinky.…try to take over the world!”
Warsaken Leaders


Coleman of the Warsaken team recounts: “We started developing about two and a half years ago. Our CEO and the creator of Warsaken, Brandon, wanted to get a game that he could play with his dad and also with his son. With video games being so generational, it’s so hard to find games that meet all of that. So he decided to create one and put together a team.”

Specialist Dexter Smith


Coleman discusses some of the rationales for utilizing the WAX chain during the $WHALE FM Project Showcase interview you can watch below:

Wax.io Support on PoS vs. PoW:“Unlike a proof-of-work blockchain, WAX is a proof-of-stake chain. You stake your WAXP tokens to claim a portion of the resources available on the chain to send your transactions. The more you stake, the more transactions you can send. This is an early article outlining how the resources on the chain function with some examples."“As a proof-of-stake chain, there is no race to be the first to write to a block and claim the reward. Block producers (referred to as guilds) take turns writing blocks to the chain so the amount of energy used to transact on WAX is minimal compared to proof-of-work chains (sometimes WAX will use up to 125,000% less energy than other chains).“This is one of the big benefits of the WAX blockchain: You stake to claim a portion of the available resources and when you no longer need them, you can unstake your WAXP tokens and use them for something else.


WAX vIRL, or “virtual, in real life” NFTs basically transfer the ownership of a physical object anywhere in the world until the physical item is redeemed and shipped to its owner.


⌚ Timeline

  • DEC 15 — Pack Sale
  • DEC 18 — First Wave Upgrade Sale
  • DEC 18 — Upgrading Goes live
  • DEC 22 — Pack Opening Go Live
  • JAN 5 — Passive Staking Go Live

💳 Purchase

  • New Warsaken packs will be available for purchase using WAX only — there will not be an option to purchase via credit card as previously announced. There were technical difficulties which forced the team to rearrange the project timeline a bit.
  • The team recommends you use MoonPay in order to purchase WAX if you don’t already have a preferred solution.
  • There are over 1.6 million Warsaken cards pre-minted and ready for launch within the varied packs. Premium and ultra-premium cards are already wrapped and ready to go.
  • Transaction Limits: collectors will be able to purchase:
    * 15 Booster packs at a time, or
    * 7 Elite packs at a time, or
    * 3 Premium packs at a time
    for each transaction.
  • There will be a cooldown period between each purchase before being able to buy the packs again at the same limits to accommodate community members globally and make sure everyone who wants a pack, can hopefully get one.

🔼 Upgrades

First Wave upgrade cards will also be minted on-demand beginning December 18th. Anyone in the First Wave group will get those cards long before this date.

Release the Kraken!

💎 Rarity

In each Booster packs of 18 cards, there is a premium card of varying rarity (rarity percentages TBD).

✂ Pack Opening

Pack opening is tentatively scheduled for December 22nd

🔒 Passive Staking

Passive staking is tentatively scheduled to go live two weeks after pack opening.

💰 Loot

Loot is Warsaken’s in-game currency. Loot is used to buy loot packs, in-game effects, and raffle tickets. Loot packs can also contain owner cards, driving significant demand. You can obtain loot by claiming once per day according to your rank. Unclaimed loot will not be carried over, so it’s important to collect daily.




Warsaken really looks like it’s on a mission for blockchain gaming world dominance.

You can learn more about WARSAKEN at the following links:

🔗 Atomic Hub
🔗 Twitter
🔗 Discord
🔗 Youtube



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