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WHALE Members

WHALE Discord Server Roles

Roles available and how to claim them

Members of the WHALE Discord server are granted HIGHER permissions and access to channels according to the combination of roles claimed!

In this article we will explain:

  1. How to claim roles on the WHALE server
  2. What the roles do
  3. How to maintain your roles

Join WHALE here: discord.gg/whale

Collect your Visitors Pass

Immediately after you arrive at the WHALE server, stop by the #LOBBY and pick up your visitors pass.

  • Read and accept the rules and please read the WHALE whitepaper 🙂
  • Click the emoji below the embedded text box to claim the visitor role and proceed
  • ⚠ Before you can begin to interact, you may need to verify by phone and wait a few minutes before typing or accessing other channels. This is part of security measures to keep bots and spammers out, and genuine people in!

Visitor Role ⚡

Welcome! Please take your time to look through the following areas:

⚡ = Information; 💬 = Chat

The visitor # channels may either be

  • informational sections where you can view content — but cannot post; or
  • 💬 chat or communication sections where you can interact with other members of the discord server.


About Us: (Read-only) Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Rules: (Read-only) Read and abide.

Contact Us: (Read-only) Do you have a support issue, a question or comment, or just need to talk to the team in private? Press the button here in this channel to open a ticket. Your ticket will open in a separate channel that only you and moderators can see.

Notice Board

Updates: (Read-only) The WHALE team will post notices here periodically. If you see there are unread messages there, be sure to take a look!

Whale Twitter Feed: (Read-only) Twitter is the best way to stay up-to-date with WHALE. We have the feed for WHALE Members and WhaleShark twitter in this channel for your viewing convenience.


💬 General: (Chat) Read the #rules before posting! You may chat all things broadly relevant here. Digital art, crypto regulations, the metaverse, Ethereum, alt chains, NFT’s, artists, $WHALE. We have dedicated channels for some of these topics — please explore and find the areas of WHALE that interest you the most.
❌Do not post links unless you are a H2P member (Dolphin, Shark, Whale), OR it’s a genuine link to a well-known account or resource. No spam or shilling. This will be at moderators discretion to allow or otherwise.
✅Personal/general conversation is allowed, but please keep it ‘light’ and short. This is the WHALE #General chat, and we’d like to keep the conversation relevant for everyone. In-depth discussions that are not relevant to other WHALE members should be taken to DM’s or #off-topic, thank you.

💬 Bot Commands: (Chat) Use this channel to call the various bot functions. Type !commands for a link to some of the commands available.


Calendar Schedule: (Read-only) View our upcoming events. These events may either be in the discord, or on twitter spaces, or both! Check each event for details.

💬 Stream Text Chat: (Chat) This channel is typically closed when there is no live show. When there is a live WHALE event in discord, the channel will be unlocked. This is where you can participate in our events via text, emoji and gif. Please remain on-topic in respect of our guests and audience.

Connect to Audio and Video: (AV Channel) Connect to this channel to join the live stream. Events may either be audio only, or audio and video. You can ‘pop’ the video out to watch separately while still participating in the Stream Text Chat.


Unlock Benefits: (Read-only) If you like what you see so far, you can choose to unlock even more sections, channels, and benefits! Pick up a free Membership (member) role to begin.

Member Role ⭐

Your free membership allows further access and benefits!


Information: (Read-only) Further details on WHALE and discord.

Notice Board

Listed for $WHALE: (Limited Posting) Do you have something for sale that is listed on OpenSea exclusively for the purchaser to buy using $WHALE token? With a free membership role, you can post it here!

WHALE Splash: (Read-only) We often reward our Hold-2-Play members — Dolphin, Shark, Whale. This is where some of it happens! Get your name included here by claiming a higher-tier H2P role.


Off Topic & Ads: (Chat) This channel should be used at your own risk. Members may post about their project or nft sale or other non-WHALE related news in this channel once per week only. H2P members may post daily.
This channel may also be used for conversation not relating to WHALE.

Digital Asset Discussion

General Digital Art: (Chat) Our favourite topic of conversation at WHALE 🐋! This is a chat channel dedicated to general conversation around digital art. Show your WIPs here and connect with other creatives. Mutually positive and genuine introductions and conversations are welcome, advertisements for personal gain (financial or otherwise) are not.

Art Edu: (Chat) Immerse yourself into the wonderfully intellectually stimulating Art Edu channel — an ever growing treasure-trove of educational gems.


Higher Tier Membership: (Read-only) Still want more? Select even more free-access membership roles, or take the plunge and secure yourself a Hold-2-Play role for premium membership and access to much, much more.

Current roles available with WHALE token

WHALE Hold-to-Play roles

  • Dolphin
  • Shark
  • Whale


  • DAO-Voter
  • DAO-Whale

WHALE Hold-To-Play (H2P) Roles

Dolphin, Shark, and Whale (Hold-to-Play or H2P) roles require the user to hold a token amount of $WHALE in their self-custodial wallet (MetaMask and Trust wallets are tested to work).

These roles grant access to new channels and further opportunities to interact with other members, as well as exclusive competitions and events.

This mechanism works to ensure that airdrops, tips, and rewards are being distributed to people that are truly vested in WHALE’s community and growth.

🔵 Dolphin

  • Access to the #members channel, and many more
  • 500 $WHALE monthly distribution shared between Dolphins per month in #whale-splash channel (direct tip, no need to collect)
  • H2P exclusive WHALE Events and other opportunities to earn or win $WHALE
  • Able to vote in the “House”

🔵 Shark

  • Access to the #members channel, and many more
  • 1000 $WHALE monthly distribution shared between Sharks per month in #whale-splash channel (direct tip, no need to collect)
  • H2P exclusive WHALE Events and other opportunities to earn or win $WHALE
  • Able to vote in the “House”

🔵 Whale

  • Access to the #Whales and #members channel, and many more
  • Direct access to WhaleShark
  • First look at participation and earning opportunities in experimental WHALE events
  • Opportunities for free/exclusive use and rentals of select VR assets and land
  • 3000 $WHALE monthly distribution shared between Whales per month in #whale-splash channel (direct tip, no need to collect)
  • H2P exclusive WHALE Events and other opportunities to earn or win $WHALE
  • Able to vote in the “House”

💠 Our Hold-2-Play members all share access to our monthly audits completed by NonFungible, access to WHALEs monthly budget, access to the Market Analysis channel, and much, much more.

Current WHALE H-2-P role HOLD requirements

The hold-to-play roles are maintained by keeping a token amount of $WHALE in your own wallet. Each month, the amount required to maintain the role escalates.

The $WHALE required for your role is held in your own wallet, and you are not locked from spending it — although you will lose your role if you move it from your wallet.


  1. Hold the required amount for the role you are claiming in your personal, self-custodial MetaMask or Trust Wallet (note: other web3 browser wallets may work). The required amounts for the roles are given in the table above.
  2. Type !verify in the #bot-commands channel on Discord and follow the instructions given in the Direct Message (DM) from the nft42 bot.

If you did not receive a DM, navigate to your discord settings > privacy and safety, and change the setting indicated by the picture below and try again.

⚠️ Important note if you are using a phone:

You will need to:

  • CLICK the link that you received in DM
  • COPY the address in the address bar
  • PASTE into your MetaMask or Trust browser
  • COMPLETE the setup process from there.
Copy and paste the nft42 bot link here to your MetaMask browser if you are using a phone

3. Return to the #bot-commands channel and type one or more of these role claim commands, depending on which roles you want and have enough tokens for:

!claim dolphin
!claim shark
!claim whale

You can hold any role, or any combination of roles as long as you have enough $WHALE for each.

If you want all three roles, you’ll need enough for EACH of the three individual role HOLD amounts.

4. Check for the newly opened channels and introduce yourself! You will also find that other specific-interest channels have been opened.

5. Once your wallet has been verified and you have claimed a role, there are no further actions needed as long as you retain enough $WHALE to maintain.

Once you have your wallet verified and you have claimed your role — if you leave enough $WHALE in your wallet to manage the escalations for months to come, there are no further actions to take! Your role will only expire when you no longer meet the monthly role requirement.

As always, if you need assistance, please ask a mod in the #contact-us channel.


Members can use their $WHALE to get a voice in the governance of the community!

  • “DAO-WHALE” role holders only may present proposals for voting.
  • Proposals are first voted on in the “House”.
  • Everyone with a H2P role can vote in the House (it’s not mandatory, though highly encouraged).
  • If passed in the House, the proposal then moves to the ‘Senate’, where DAO-WHALES and DAO-VOTERS may vote.
  • If passed in the Senate, and then satisfies the Advisory Board, the proposal is enacted.
  • Currently, WhaleShark and the team reserve the right to veto passing Senate proposals while the DAO is in its formative stages. This power will dissipate as the WHALE DAO matures.

🔵 DAO-Voter

  • The current DAO-VOTER subscription collateral is 500 $WHALE (locked until January 2023).

🔵 DAO-Whale

  • The current DAO-WHALE subscription collateral is 1000 $WHALE (locked until January 2023).

NOTE: You can list all available “Hold-to-Play” roles and their current requirements with the command !showroles in #bot-commands

If you have further questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to request assistance in the #CONTACT-US channel on the WHALE Discord server.


⚫ ️Website: https://whale.me/
⚫ ️Discord: https://discord.gg/whale
⚫️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WHALEMembers
⚫️ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/whalemembers
⚫️ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whalemembers
⚫️ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/whalecommunity
⚫️ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WHALEMembers
⚫️ Medium: https://medium.com/whale-members
⚫️ Telegram: https://t.me/WHALEMembers



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