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Whale Mail 3

Hey, Whalefam! Welcome back to Whale Mail, keeping you up to date on all things $WHALE and NFTs! Before we begin, we would like to let you know that our blogs will now be issued fortnightly. If you have not caught up with our latest Whale Mails, you can check them out here for Whale Mail, and here for Whale Mail 2. With that out of the way, let’s get this started!

Weekly $WHALE Events

$WHALE poker
What’s a few weeks without our weekly poker? If you aren’t all in then you’re not in at all! Here are our winners from these past weeks:

Week of Nov 2nd — 8th

Tuesday’s Winners:

1st @enforcerj 42.50 $WHALE
2nd @CristianAlez1 25.00 $WHALE
3rd @ADACh 15.00 $WHALE
4th @Tanato$ 13.75 $WHALE
5th @RubyInFushrite 10.00 $WHALE
6th @henry12 7.50 $WHALE
7th @Gah 6.25 $WHALE
8th @jjoell 5.00 $WHALE

Sunday’s Winners:
1st @Slayer 31.5 $WHALE and 250 $RNG
2nd @richardk 21 $WHALE
3rd @aarona 12.6 $WHALE and 75 $RNG
4th @crypt0xNinja 10.5 $WHALE and 50 $RNG
6th @Ravena 6.3 $WHALE and
7th @Paul 5.25 $WHALE
8th @GutsBerserk🐺 4.2 $WHALE
9th @trutest 3.15 $WHALE
10th @May280519 2.1 $WHALE

Bounties: @Whaleshark and @Justin taken out by @jiiiklikli and @Slayer respectively

Week of Nov 9th — 15th

Tuesday’s Winners:
1st @CristianAlez1 42.5 $WHALE
2nd @RubyInFushrite 25 $WHALE
3rd @Samsonite 15 $WHALE
4th @ZulDjin 13.75 $WHALE
5th @Neurose 10 $WHALE
6th @sweet_memory 7.5 $WHALE
7th @Ben Ben Benjamin 6.25 $WHALE
8th @zaki28 5 $WHALE

Sunday’s Winners:
1st @Ian Emerson | Fabric Ventures 31.5 $WHALE and 200 $RNG
2nd @Puffin 21 $WHALE and 100 $RNG
3rd @mo1226.eth 12.6 $WHALE and 50 $RNG
4th @Honda 10.5 $WHALE and 25 $RNG
5th @Sunrise2Sunsets 8.4 $WHALE and 25 $RNG
6th @Moonfarm 6.3 $WHALE and 20 $RNG
7th @crypt0xNinja 5.25 $WHALE and 20 $RNG
8th @GutsBerserk🐺 4.2 $WHALE and 20 $RNG
9th @Aarona 3.15 $WHALE and 20 $RNG
10th @sweet_memory 2.1 $WHALE and 20 $RNG

This week’s bounties were @decryptolorian and @Whaleshark taken out by @b19bay and @Sunrise2Sunsets respectively.

Marbles and Trivia Night

Our lovely rudem00se hosted a double whammy and gave us both an evening of fun marbles, and a trivia night full of random and fun questions.

marbles highlights

trivia night highlights

Whale FM

Whale FM was a bit different… did you notice? Leading the dance crew for our whale community was @HeatherHz.

Thank you for hosting, and hope to see you again next time!

$WHALE Guests


Golf… and the blockchain?! What kind of madness have we stumbled upon?
The $WHALE community Discord hosted the Blockletesgames team with their game “Blockletes golf” and had a blast! @adidust @ggian and @annissa went head to head with a few $WHALE members to see if they could come out on top!


Joining us to give the kids, and even the whale community members, a show was our very own Jose! He completely blew us away with his talented musical skills and beautiful voice.

Jose Socials: Twitter


One of the first Chinese artists to enter the Makersplace platform took time out of her day to show us her art! And what beautiful art it was! Not just in looks, but also in fun. Reva is well-known in China for her interactive and augmented reality pieces. She even made a game of Tetris out of cups! Below is a generative art piece inside the CryptoVoxels metaverse created by Reva herself. The piece will change based on the number you provide in the white box.

Reva Socials: Twitter, Instagram


Coming on and showing us their newest shoes were the RTFKT team. RTFKT are a viral sensation which combines augmented reality, blockchain, social media, gaming, pop-culture and shoes. The team have caused quite a disruption in the sneaker world, and their limited NFTs are highly sought after. You can check some out here. On top of the questions from Whaleshark, the RTFKT team took on questions from the community!

RTFKT socials:

Twitter, website, Instagram


Dutchtide describes himself as an “Independent artist bringing Japan and the Netherlands together under the Dutchtide brand.” Dutchtide came on to tell his side of art through a new series we call “Fireside Chats”. Below is a finished WIP that was talked about during the stream.

Finished WIP by Dutchtide

Dutchtide socials:

Website https://www.dutchtide.com/about-us
Rarible: https://app.rarible.com/dutchtide/created
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dutchtide/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dutchtide

$WHALE Discord Highlights


In recent news, the bermuda channel is taking things up a notch. An announcement was made to the players of lootcord as seen below:

“Dear all #bermuda members, to spice things up stepping into the month of November, we have decided to up the stakes for rewards and the Bermuda legacy Effective immediately, all Dolphin+ members will now be able to form clans and are eligible to win a monthly prize pool of 50 $WHALE per month for being in the Top Clan(s).

Collective efforts will be rewarded in replacement of individual kills. The new reward structure will be as follows:
🥇 #1 Top Clan: 30 $WHALE
🥈 #2 Top Clan: 15 $WHALE
🥉 #3 Top Clan: 5 $WHALE

*Please note that a clan is only eligible for rewards if you have a minimum of 15 members. If your clan does not meet this requirement by 11:59 PM HKT, your clan will not be eligible to receive the rewards. Top Clan ranking will be determined based on the highest Vault value and will be decided at the end of each month @11:59 PM HKT.

Please DM @annissa with your clan name and leader’s discord handle once you have created a new clan. Full guide on loot cord commands: https://lootcord.com/commands Full commands for Clans and clan creation: https://lootcord.com/guides/clans

Whale Office Hours

These past two weeks, we’ve had our first iteration of “Whale Office Hours”! Whaleshark took time out of his busy day to speak to us regarding our concerns, our questions for the discord, the future and everything in between.

WHAXIE tournament

This past weekend we had our second $WHALE sponsored tournament, WHAXIE. Cute axies, powerful abilities and the blockchain, along with a whale to ride into battle, form the perfect competition. With a prize pool of 500 $WHALE, many fierce competitors took to the arena to show us their mettle.

Our winners of the tournament can be found in this tweet:

Congratulations to everyone! It was a well fought battle for sure!

Art Spotlight

In this week’s art spotlight, we have pxlpets, the pixel art collectible series created by freelance illustrator Eugen Schauerman. In this piece titled NOT A VIRUS, we are taken on a journey through the life of a pxlpet desktop, and what would happen if a virus were to arrive. With sharp perspective changes and cute pxlpets, what’s not to love?

DAO Proposals

We had a mixed bag of results for the dao-house proposals over the last fortnight. The Whale monthly lottery, outlined in proposal #9, just squeaked through a pass and has moved on to the discerning eyes of the dao-senate.

The launch of Voxedit and Gamemaker tutorials (Proposal #10) and the Whale-DAO’s increased control of the Vault (Proposal #11) both did not meet the minimum threshold of votes to pass through the dao-house. We would like to remind everyone that your vote does matter! A few stray clicks may have pushed these proposals through. The Whale-DAO, $Whale coin and community are first and foremost a social initiative, and your contribution brings value to the entire community, regardless of if you’re a Dolphin, Whale, Shark, lurker, memer, marble fanatic, collector, artist or a little bit of everything. So, make your opinion count!

Proposal #12 was introduced this past week to the dao-house, with an ambitious goal to make it rain NFTs! The proposal details a new appreciating subscription, called NFT Drops Only. The team would wheel and deal with NFT creators to donate exclusive pieces to the cause, which would then be airdropped to random holders of the role throughout the month via a random selection bot. Initial cost discussions have earmarked the price around 50–100 $Whale, however this is subject to change. And because luck is not on everyone’s side, the proposal also outlines an additional incentive that each month an NFT badge will be created for all holders of the new role, so they will never finish the month empty-handed. At time of writing, the proposal has passed the dao-house and moves on to the senate!

Whale DAO

Our whale DAO members were recently given a nice paycheck in the form of $WHALE for their hodling efforts.

Vault Acquisitions

It was another quiet few weeks for acquisitions into the Vault, with only four new pieces finding a new home. The four all came from Brendan Dawes, a UK artist that uses data, machine learning and algorithms to create unique visualizations. In this series, Dawes used population density data to create a typography of London, Paris, New York and Tokyo.

London typography created from population density data of London.

NFT Market Recap

It was another wild week in the NFT world — eye-watering sales, gas spent, and fundings secured.

In Lunacia, a three-part mystic Axie was purchased for a record breaking 300 Ether! Angel is one of only 19 Axies that have three mystic parts; collectors are starting to notice their rarity and are whipping out their check books.

Additionally, after a successful launch of the Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) on the Binance Launchpad, Binance has gone the extra distance to list Small Love Potions, which are used for breeding Axies. If that weren’t enough, Axie and Aave announced a crossover of NFTs and DeFi. Holders of Aave and players of Axie will be able to earn a limited edition NFT! Check out all the details here. It seems everything the Axie team touches recently is turning to gold!

Elsewhere, Sorare, a fantasy football card game on the Ethereum blockchain, announced a partnership with Bayern Munich FC. Users can now buy, sell and trade NFT’s from the infamous Bundesliga team. The platform already boasts over 100 real-life participating clubs from all around the world, and this partnership is another notch in their already well-notched belt.

Two NFT projects announced funding to bolster their treasuries and help build their platforms. Singapore-based NIFTEX, which is a platform that allows users to shard rare NFTs into ERC-20s to allow fractionalised ownership of the rarest NFTs going around, received $500,000 in funding from a consortium of investment managers. They plan to use the funds to make the platform more mainstream.

Terra Virtua also received $2.5 million in private funding from a slew of investment funds. The funds will be used to further build their interactive NFT showcase and make it mainstream. The team already has big partnerships from Paramount Pictures, Legendary Entertainment and Unreal Engine as well as licensing from top franchises such as Top Gun and The Godfather. Their goal is to disrupt the large digital collectibles market, using blockchain technology. In the near futures, users can watch a movie or TV series, or go to a concert, and pick up an exclusive NFT at the same time.

The Blockchain Gaming Alliance held a Blockchain Gaming Showcase last week. From augmented reality shooters, to Doctor Who collectibles, to Formula 1 racing, to arcade miners and open-world role-playing games, the showcase displayed a variety of games currently being built using blockchain technology. To catch up on all the bleeding-edge blockchain games, you can check out the stream here.

In the News

A recent podcast from @zima_red and @AndrewSteinwold on twitter talks about Whaleshark and the $WHALE community, how we started and where we’re going. Quite an interesting conversation to hear. Have a listen!

Want to get a peek behind the scenes? Follow our socials!

Discord: https://discord.gg/whale
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKwYcvztdXTCQgcmh0fMXJA/videos
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whale__community/
: https://www.twitch.tv/whalecommunity
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WHALE_/
Cent: https://beta.cent.co/WhaleShark
Medium: https://medium.com/@whalecommunity
Telegram: https://t.me/Official_Whale
Twitter: https://twitter.com/whale_community

Kind regards to our community writers :Spazzeh#6941 and Breadley#7004



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