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Whale Mail 2

Hey whalefam! Our first Whale Mail made its way to the public last week. If you missed it, check it out here! With that out of the way, let’s start this week’s blog.

$WHALE Halloween

$WHALE trick-or-treat

The whale discord spooked its way to a spectacular, candy-filled celebration as we had our $WHALE trick-or-treat event! Taking a video with your children and posting it into one of the available houses garnered users some candy in the form of $WHALE!

Video by @eliana-art

Video by @RitE-Guppie/Minnow

As well, the winners of the pumpkin art competition were announced!

In 1st Place: @Evil | MP Ambassador

WIP created by @Evil | MP Ambassador

2nd Place: @sphericalart

Made by @sphericalart for pumpkin art competition

3rd Place: @Spazzeh

Made by @Spazzeh for pumpkin art competition

Made by @Spazzeh for pumpkin art competition

5 x 3 $WHALE special mentions!

@SnottySnake @Jbloom @xpwao @FlowersWithPowers @Yurame

Congratulations everyone!

Some special pictures for the $WHALE costume event that, unfortunately had few entries due to time mixups:

Costume posted by: mkdragon.eth
Costume posted by: @ADACh
Costume posted by: @MILEAH_(yusuf))
Costume posted by @Stu

$WHALE kids costumes:

Spooky stories with Annissa

Last, but certainly not least: The $WHALE community got together around a campfire and told each other spooky stories.

A huge congratulations to @Dabdragon.Eth for his spookiest story winning 20 $WHALE described as a “Story about ghosts welcoming him…[and] freaky figures” A sleepless night not caused by over-caffeination this time

Terra Virtua Halloween competition

As a part of the Halloween spirit, we had our very own Terra Virtua team hosting an event shared in the $WHALE discord!

Banner created by the Terra Virtua team

“Freaky Fan Art $1000 giveaway! Using the hashtags #vFlect #nft #digitalart, design & post a one-off version of your favorite vFlect in a creative style Tag


& submit your artwork by November 1st MIDNIGHT! EST #nft #digitalart #crypto #cryptoart #halloween #nfts” Original tweet can be found here

Winners TBA

$WHALE Guests

Every guest begins with g… no? no one? Okay, I’ll leave…

Starting off our guest week, Whaleshark interviewed @borgetbastien from The Sandbox team talking about how the $WHALE community is the “largest holder of land” and much more. If you missed the interview, I highly recommend watching the video below to get acquainted.

In art guests, we had our very own Cartoon Advisory come in and do a livestream of their art process, answering questions and overall having a fun time!

Cartoon Advisory’s portfolio https://cartoonadvisory.com/portfolio

Finished piece created by Cartoon Advisory during $WHALE livestream

Richard Kim joined the whalefam to talk about his thoughts on what he believed would happen to $RNG, the discord and his community. Lots of thoughtful discussion on this one. Check out the entire interview below:


Weekly $WHALE events

This section is dedicated to the weekly $WHALE events that happen in our official Discord. Make sure to join us if you already haven’t for some fun times all around. Links located at the end of the blog


Can your memes become dreams? Or do your dreams become memes? Our recent winners for last week’s Whale meme competition were announced and boy were they some great entries!

In 1st place we had @puffin! Congratulations!

Made by @Puffin for Whale meme vol 4

In 2nd we had @Spazzeh!

Made by @Spazzeh for Whale meme vol 4

And in 3rd place… @dgducos!

Made by @dgducos for Whale meme vol 4


Unfortunately, we had to close down our $WHALE song channel due to an internal restructuring, but don’t worry! We’ll be back up soon; In the meantime, get your la ti das, pencils and laptops ready for when we reopen!

The competition for our twice-weekly poker nights was fierce! Many entered, few left with but a pat on the back.

Tuesday winners:

In 1st place: @฿ł₮J₳₥ł₦.Ɇ₮Ⱨ 37.5 $WHALE
In 2nd place: @Slayer 25 $WHALE
In 3rd: Zorro 15 $WHALE
In 4th: @JDong 12.5 $WHALE
In 5th: @Choyna 10 $WHALE
In 6th: @etherfish 7.50 $WHALE
In 7th @cellder 6.25 $WHALE
In 8th: @katielorrie 5 $WHALE
In 9th: @DzeeRoggs 3.75 $WHALE
In 10th: @Paul 2.5 $WHALE

Sundays Winners:

In 1st place: @sweet_memory 31.5 $WHALE and 300 $RNG
In 2nd place: @Crypt0xNinja 21 $WHALE and
In 3rd: @Moonfarm 12.6 $WHALE and 100 $RNG
In 4th: @RubyInFushrite 10.5 $WHALE and 50 $RNG
In 5th: @dindirindina 8.4 $WHALE and 50 $RNG
In 6th: @zonked 6.3 $WHALE and 50 $RNG
In 7th: @JDong 5.25 $WHALE and 50 $RNG
In 8th: @zaki28 4.20 $WHALE and 50 $RNG
In 9th: @revan 3.15 $WHALE and 50 $RNG
In 10th: @achatainga.eth 2.1 $WHALE and 50 $RNG

Sunday’s bounties were @Zorro and @Whaleshark taken out by @cellder and @sidrex respectively for 10 $WHALE each
Congratulations to the winners and see you in the next tournament!

Nothing feels quite like marbles without a m00se driving the car! Our weekly marbles event had everyone raging at their small glass balls hoping for them to be crowned the victor. As well, you can’t spell “Marbles” without “Giveaways”! Right? Someone tell me my English is correct.

Screen cap of a CryptoKitty being given away on stream

As always, highlights can be found here on rudem00se’s twitch.


What’s a show without Sho? Our weekly Trivia night had everyone scrambling for the answers as Sho played Jackbox 7 with the community.

Trivia highlights

Continuing the Sho show, we had our bi-weekly Karaoke night! Singers, banshees and Sho came together to sing a bunch of Halloween themed songs with an original piece sung by @cryptodawg

Karaoke Highlights

$WHALE fit

Our Whales can’t be considered whales anymore… They’ve worked way too hard at maintaining their figures! This past week, we had our $WHALE members run their way to the top of the leaderboard earning some $WHALE along the way.

Whalefit prize structure

Top 5 Whalefit members

Top 10 Whalefit members

$WHALE Discord Highlights

This section will be dedicated to highlights around the community discord that do not fit the other categories, such as happenings in the new #art-cafe or something exciting happening in the #dolphin, #whale, or #shark channel.


Our lootcord members blasted their way to victory as the month flew by in a flash of grenades, shotguns and… dolphins? Here are the monthly results for October.

As a reminder, the monthly reward structure for lootcord can be found here

Monthly Audit Released

Our partners at nonfungible.com have released the October edition of the Vault audit. In short, the total value has increased from $1.4 million to $1.9 million at the end of October! A staggering increase of 35%! This boost was determined by the team through a number of factors. Over the month, about $55,000 worth of new assets were added, with the balance comprising of organic growth. Notable gainers were in digital art, with SuperRare assets showing huge growth, predominantly from parabolic prices rises from key artists Pak and Hackatao. JoyWorld and Pascal Boyart pieces also resurged in interest on the secondary market, with prices peaking through the month. Aside from art, A real estate boom in Cryptovoxels and The Sandbox printed virtual money. In particular, the prices in the Makers and Shenzhen districts in Cryptovoxels rose significantly and plots of land on the first two islands in The Sandbox have experienced over 80% growth throughout October. All in all, it has been a great month for the Vault and NFTs in general.

Art Spotlight

In this segment will we showcase some gems from the Vault for your viewing pleasure. This week we have two renaissance remakes taking the stage.

First up, we have “The Raft of the Medusa 2019” by Pascal Boyart, who is a street artist from Paris. This NFT is a 1/1 digitalized edition of the same mural painted in September 2019 and can be found on the rooftop of a former gold foundry in Ivry-sur-Seine near Paris. It is a modern remake of a piece by Théodore Géricault, who painted the original in 1818. The despair this piece evokes and feeling of not being in control has some real 2020 vibes to it. You can check out the physical version on street view here.

The second NFT is “Saint Andreas” which is a collaboration between Jivinci and Alotta Money. It was purchased 10 months ago for 20 Ether. There’s a lot going on in this NFT, so it’s better for the artists to describe it themselves:
“They came by dozens, bringing him all their fiat, burning millions in Bitcoin’s eternal Glory. Because there are almost two hundred currencies in the world, but there’s only one international currency. In the name of the Hash, the Keys and the Halvening, Hodl.”

DAO Proposals

It was another busy week of proactive community discussions and proposals. The art-café from proposal #7 is officially open for business and the creative juices are already flowing. A group of artists have started the first collaborative art piece in the café, and it’s open to anyone in the community, not just hold-to-play members, who want to contribute! So, if you want to be a part of history with the inaugural art-café collaborative collage, dust off your digital pencils and join the cause!

This is the current piece having been worked on by: @georgeboya, @sphericalart, @yuhlets, @chafomon, @SugaH, and @Evil|MP Ambassador as of writing this post.

Proposal #8 was brought forward by the Whale team, overwhelmingly supported by the community and passed the senate on October 28th. The purpose of the proposal is to establish Whale Studios, which will effectively be the gaming development arm of the Whale community. The Vault is one of the largest holders of User Generated Content (UGC) assets (currently Cryptovoxels, The Sandbox and Blankos), and the aim of the studio is to bootstrap the development of games and content on these platforms. Similar to the Shark Tank or the Dragon’s Den reality TV shows, individual or team game developers will be able to put forward a proposal to the community via Whale Studios, to potentially receive funding and usable assets to make their ideas a reality. In return, the community will receive a portion of the revenue earned (to be determined on a case-by-case basis) and each proposal will help foster content and attract users to these platforms. So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve ever had an idea for a game, now is the time to build it!

Proposals #9, #10 and #11 are still in the process of being voted on. Proposal #9 introduces the $Whale monthly lottery, where hold-to-play members can purchase a ticket to win a monthly prize pool. There could even be themed raffles such as Christmas or other special events. Sounds like a great time, however the debate is still ongoing on how this can be implemented in a responsible manner without breaking any international gambling laws.

Proposal #10 is a follow-on from Whale Studios, which would employ an expert to teach the community on using Voxedit and the Game Maker programs of The Sandbox. This could bootstrap a new generation of game developers, bolster proposals to Whale Studios, build our library of user-generated content and be a catalyst for the appreciation of the Vault’s UGC assets!

Proposal #11 wants to increase the scope of the $Whale DAO to Vault management. If passed, all hold-to-play members (Dolphins, Sharks and Whales) would be allowed to vote on the sale and acquisition of assets into the Vault, a first step towards greater community control on asset decisions. Maybe Whaleshark might even be able to take a holiday for once! Given the importance of this proposal and due to its financial nature, the proposal also suggests increasing the thresholds for proposals to pass to the following:

  1. Requires 150 minimum total votes + 75% passing in #dao-house
  2. Requires 30 minimum total votes +75% passing in #dao-senate

Each and every proposal is very important and will shape the future of our community, so if you have not had the chance to exercise your right to vote, please do!

NFT Recap

Axie Infinity, one of the most popular games on the Ethereum blockchain right now, recently announced their native token, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). Axie Infinity is known for being a play-to-earn game, and this token represents their next step in rewarding and incentivizing their player base. If you have ever interacted with the Axie ecosystem — through purchasing land, Axies, breeding or battling, there’s a hot chance that you will be included in the retroactive airdrop to existing players. Note: The snapshot for this airdrop has already been taken. If not, there will be a lottery sale through Binance’s Launchpad program. The token itself will have a few strong use cases. It will be used as payment in the Axie economy and there will be staking and the ability to participate in governance decisions. For an in-depth rundown, you can find the whitepaper here.

Beeple, a well-known graphic designer who has worked with giants such as Apple, Space X, Nike, Coca-Cola, Adobe, Pepsi, Samsung and many more, made his NFT debut on Niftygateway. His two 1/1 pieces sold at auction for $66,666 each, and his 100/100 piece, which he jokingly priced at $1 each, sold out instantly and was reselling for thousands a few hours later. With a lot of hype surrounding his debut, he will be an NFT artist to watch out for.

A still from Beeple’s animated piece, CROSSROADS. It is a dynamic NFT that changes depending on who wins the upcoming US election.

Splinterlands, a popular card game on the hive blockchain, announced a partnership with the Brave browser. Brave tokens will be usable in the Splinterlands shop, and in turn the game will be advertised to users of the Brave bowser. In addition to this, the first phase of the Splinterland’s land sale is currently ongoing, so the partnership is a timely one.

Immutable, the developer of another popular card game on the Ethereum blockchain, Gods Unchained has been quietly building their layer 2 scaling solution for trading NFTs. Gas costs were a huge issue for their game, given the sheer quantity of NFTs being traded on their platform. The layer 2 solution, called Immutable X, uses ZK rollups to reduce the cost of the gas fees to virtually zero. The great part is, that they announced that their solution will be available to all developers worldwide.

In the News

This past week was a slow one, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any exciting news!
Live streaming in the $WHALE discord was the Renaissance 2.0 2.0

@eleonorabrizi gave us a live walk-through of a museum gallery filled with artists from the blockchain. As well, we had on special guests talking to us about their progress in the blockhain space, their origins and how they see the future of the blockchain. This is a very exciting time for all of us!

Highlights 1: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/786630038
Highlights 2: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/786606010

Video of Rennaissance 2.02.0:

Want to get a peek behind the scenes? Follow our socials!

Discord: https://discord.gg/whale
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whale__community/
: https://www.twitch.tv/whalecommunity
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WHALE_/
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Telegram: https://t.me/Official_Whale
Twitter: https://twitter.com/whale_community

Kind regards to our community writers :Spazzeh#6941 and Breadley#7004



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